Single Domain Antibody-Enzyme Conjugation Service

Creative Biolabs is the leading expert in the field of single domain antibody (sdAb) conjugation. Based on our world-leading antibody engineering platform, we can provide various sdAb-enzyme conjugation services for our client. With years of experience, our technical scientists can not only save your valuable time but also provide custom conjugation approach to meet our clients’ special research requirement.

The use of antibody-enzyme conjugation associates with tumor antigen can achieve site-specific activation of prodrugs to potent cytotoxic species, termed “antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy” (ADEPT). Antibody-enzyme conjugation is a new approach for disease therapy, especially for cancer therapy, which describes a new strategy for the delivery of cytotoxic agents to solid tumors. In this system, antibodies are used as carriers for enzymes to tumor cell surfaces, and the various abilities of enzymes are chosen to convert relatively noncytotoxic drug precursors (pro-drugs) into active anticancer drugs. Finally, the drugs can then penetrate into the nearby tumor cells and result in the death of tumor cells.

Single domain antibodies (sdAbs) are antibody fragment consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain, derived from the heavy-chain-only antibodies produced by camelids and sharks, or the specific developed human VH and VL domain. There are several advantages for biotechnological applications compared with conventional antibodies, such as small size, high stability, and strong penetrability. It is worth noting that the small molecular size of the single-domain antibody (<15kDa) provides a strong advantage in sdAb-enzyme conjugation compared with conventional immunoglobulins (~150kDa), especially when multiple antibodies are needed to boost avidity of the antibody-enzyme conjugate. What’s more, the camelid single domain antibody are easy to clone and express, generally more thermally and chemically stable, and have improved epitope specificities.

SdAb-enzyme conjugationFig.1 SdAb-enzyme conjugation.

As antibody-enzyme conjugation and sdAb are two hot fields in biological research, Creative Biolabs combines them together and developed an sdAb-enzyme conjugation platform. Due to the advantages of stability and penetration, sdAb-enzyme conjugation can play an important role in biological therapy. By the way, varies of enzymes are feasible for us to conjugate with sdAb.

With years of extensive experience and the advanced platform, Creative Biolabs is promising to offer the best service and the competitive price for our customers all over the world. In order to solve the special problems from our clients, our technical scientists are pleased to discuss and create the unique project for various targets. If you are interested in our single domain antibody-enzyme conjugation service, please do not hesitate to inquire our experts for more details.


  1. Tian, B.; et al. Production and characterization of a camelid single domain antibody-urease enzyme conjugate for the treatment of cancer. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2015, 26(6):1144.

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