Single Domain Antibody-Fluorophore Conjugation Service

Creative Biolabs has combined single domain antibody discovery and fluorophore conjugation together and established a unique single domain antibody-fluorophore conjugation service. Based on our excellent technology platform and broad market scope, we can share our technology and offer the best service for our customs all over the world.

The fluorescent chemical compound is the part of a molecule responsible that can re-emit light in the condition of light excitation and create a fluorescent emission in the visible light spectrum. Visible light can be generated by absorption of light at different wavelengths by fluorophores. In general, fluorophores can be composed of several aromatic hydrocarbons or cyclic and planar molecules with several pi bonds. Fluorophores can be used as two formats, sometimes fluorophores are used alone as a dye for staining of certain structures, as a tracer in fluids, as a substrate of enzymes, or as a probe or indicator. In more cases, fluorophores are covalently bonded to a biomacromolecule so that work as a marker for biological active reagents such as antibodies, peptides, and nucleic acids. Fluorophores and analytes are covalently linked by chemical reaction and then detected by fluorescence microscopy, laser confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and other instruments to achieve the purpose of localization, tracing and content determination. This technology has been widely used in biological chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, pathology, and diagnostics.

Single domain antibodies (sdAbs) are novel antibodies isolated from camelid and cartilage fish by genetic engineering, which has only a heavy chain variable region but with whole antigen-binding activity. In recent years, it has achieved a lot of applications in the fields of diagnosis, treatment, and detection with a series of advantages of low molecular weight, good affinity, high stability, strong tissue penetration, low immunogenicity and low preparation cost.

SdAb-fluorophore conjugationFig.1 SdAb-fluorophore conjugation.

In order to satisfy all kinds of demands for our clients, we offer the sdAb-fluorophore conjugation service. Fluorophore conjugation, which does not drastically alter the binding properties of conventional antibodies, can do so with single domain antibodies. Based on our platform, we can conjugate the fluorophore to sdAbs and improve the fluorescence yields without deleterious effects on antigen binding.

In terms of years of extensive experience in the field of single domain antibody conjugation, Creative Biolabs is promising to offer the technical service according to our world-leading platform. In order to achieve the various goals with the best method, our scientists are confident in tailoring our customers the most reliable and cost-effective protocol to improve your special project. If you are interested in our single domain antibody-fluorophore conjugation service, please do not hesitate to inquire our scientists for more details.

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