Sodium/Calcium Exchanger Family

Calcium ions participate in diverse signaling pathways and play important regulatory function, but an excessive overload of intracellular calcium has an adverse effect on cell health. As a result, transporters such as sodium/calcium exchangers (NCX) are evolved to rapidly extrude intracellular calcium, maintaining calcium homeostasis. Three different SLC8 genes that encode NCX proteins have been identified: SLC8A1 encoding NCX1, SLC8A2 encoding NCX2, and SLC8A3 encoding NCX3. Besides, a mitochondrial sodium/calcium exchanger has been identified as well, representing a gene product of SLC8B1. These proteins contribute to a wide range of physiological processes and cell functions, including excitation-contraction coupling, blood pressure regulation, immune responses, long-term potentiation of the brain and learning, cardiac muscle relaxation, etc. Altered expression and regulation of these proteins are implicated in different human diseases, such as heart failure, arrhythmia, cerebral ischemia, hypertension, and diabetes. As a result, selective inhibition or activation of these proteins may exhibit attracting clinical potential, which has not been realized yet.

During the past few years, significant progress has been achieved in elucidating the structure, molecular and cellular mechanisms, functions, and implications in health and diseases. Here, we give an introduction to the current knowledge about human NCX members.

Human Sodium/Calcium Exchanger Family Members

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Magic™ membrane protein production platform – Creative Biolabs

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