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TALEN Service

As a widely accepted and used tool in the field of mutagenesis and genomic modification, TALEN allowed rapid genome editing in a variety of cell types and different model organisms, having profound impacts on biological and medical research in recent years. With the advanced technology platform and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs has employed TALEN services to generate innovative and effective cell therapy for our customers. Aided by our TALEN platform, you can revolutionize your particular project by enabling any site-specific genome editing without introducing foreign DNA.

Background of TALEN

TALEN (transcription-activator-like effector nuclease) technology has revolutionized the array of genome modifications in biotechnology and biomedical research. TALEN are restriction enzymes made by fusing a TAL effector DNA-binding domain to a DNA cleavage domain in a nuclease, which can create a site-specific double-stranded DNA break. Subsequently, the dsDNA break is repaired by cellular machinery and then creates a deletion mutation or a knock-in site for introducing site-specific DNA sequences of interest.

As effective molecular scissors, TALENs are widely used to induce a variety of specific and efficient genomic modifications in various cell types and different model organisms. With technology development, TALs can be engineered to deliver virtually any enzyme to any site and perform gene-editing functions, including gene knockout, knockin, mutagenesis, gene tagging, and for disease and cell therapeutics models. It is documented that TALENs have been used to engineer stably modified human embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell (IPSCs), moreover, they have great promises in the cell therapy of cancers and genetic disorders, such as sickle cell disease and xeroderma pigmentosum.

Schematic diagram of the TALEN system. (Naitou, 2015) Fig.1 Schematic diagram of the TALEN system. (Naitou, 2015)

TALEN Custom Services

Creative Biolabs offers complete custom TALEN products and services for genomic modification in a wide range of cell lines and organisms for our clients.

Advantages of Our Services

Let’s Work Together to Fulfil Your Genome Engineering Project

Creative Biolabs has successfully completed a lot of genome engineering projects aided by TALEN technology. It is exciting to offer our off-the-shelf product portfolio and outsourced services to help you get landmark development. But every project is different, if you don’t find the TALEN services you need above, please contact us , we can customize our offering to meet your specific project needs.


  1. Naitou, A.; et al. Heterodimeric TALENs induce targeted heritable mutations in the crustacean Daphnia magna. Biology open. 2015, 4(3): 364-369.

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For Lab Research Use Only, Not for Human or Animal Therapeutic Use.

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