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TAC Preclinical Research

Creative Biolabs is a premier provider of integrated services across a series of T Cell Antigen Connector (TAC) preclinical research. Our preclinical research platform involves the evaluations of the efficacy and safety and toxicology in vitro and in vivo settings. Nevertheless, studies in animal models are necessary for assessing therapeutic interventions in both cellular and biochemical assays. Meanwhile, toxicity studies are divided into short-term and long-term studies, as well as both toxicity studies are tested at least two animal species. As a proficient preclinical partner with experienced multi-disciplinary groups, we are dedicated to providing one-stop TAC preclinical research solutions for our worldwide clients.

T lymphocyte is a type of leukocyte (white blood cell) that responsible for regulating the immune response in the body. Activation and maintenance of the T cell response play an important role in cell survival, growth, and proliferation. T cells are usually derived from the bone marrow and mature in the thymus. T cells can produce the corresponding receptors to facilitate antigen recognition. T cells express receptors that often concurrently with gene reprogramming. Meanwhile, T cells can mediate the immunity system against bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells and make antibodies protecting our bodies from invaders. Normally, it can be divided into several types, one is cytotoxic T-cells, which is important to find and directly attack invaders. The second type is helper T cells, which responsible for recruiting other immune cells and organizing an immune response. The third type is regulatory T cells, which help maintain the immunity balance in the body. The fourth type is natural killer T cells, which can rapidly respond to the tumor cells and activate the immune response against the tumor. The last type is memory T cells, which can remember the foreign marker that they have seen before and cause a rapid immune response.

Over the past decades, T cell therapy has enormous potential in inducing long-term treatment in various malignancies, autoimmune diseases, and immunodeficiency patients, and T cell antigen coupler (TAC) engineered T cells have been successful in treating solid and liquid tumors in animal models. Recently, most preclinical TAC-T studies have been performed in mice, including syngeneic, xenograft, transgenic, and humanized mouse models. However, to increase the chances of successfully entering the clinical trial, it is very important to choose suitable preclinical models. In this condition, the effectiveness and safety of TAC-T cells should be evaluated in more disease models. Progress is being made in our company targeting preclinical models with the ultimate goal of providing patients with safer, more effective TAC-T cells therapies.

The Picture of T Lymphocyte – Creative BiolabsFig.1 The Picture of T Lymphocyte.

TAC Clinical Diagnostics

T cell therapies have been considered a promising approach for the treatment of malignancies and viral-associated diseases. The success of TAC-T cells (TAC-Ts) against solid and hematological tumors has been confirmed in a variety of xenograft models. Meanwhile, the clinical diagnostic test is a convenient, quick-reference way to avoid common errors and pitfalls in TAC test selection. Our platform provides a full range of in vivo and in vitro clinical diagnostics for TAC technologies on tumor and other autoimmune diseases, including the most innovative tests for TAC accurate diagnoses, TAC therapeutic errors and side effects of TAC treatments as well as TCR analysis.

TAC Clinical Therapeutics

TAC-T cells show a strong anti-tumor efficacy and without toxicity, suggesting TAC-T cells have superior therapeutic results relative to CAR-T cells. Careful model selection based on the primary goals of the study is a crucial step in evaluating CAR-T treatment. Creative Biolabs provides a series of services targeting TAC design and construction, TAC preclinical models with function evaluation, and TAC-T cells driven toxicities tests.

Creative Biolabs is a forward-looking company as well as a leading custom service provider in the field of TAC-engineered T cell therapy services. We can provide many flexible options, from which you can always find a better match for your particular project. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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