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Magic™ TCR Repertoire Profiling for T Cell Infiltration Analysis

Creative Biolabs is proud to introduce our T cell infiltration analysis service for our customers all over the world. With our powerful Magic™ platform, through sequencing CDR regions of the whole four types of TCR chains (α, β, γ, and δ) accurately and comprehensively, our scientists can probe the complex T cell infiltrate repertoire beyond the phenotypic level, which opens many possibilities to study T cell immunity in health and disease.

Cellular infiltration is the migration of cells from their sources of origin, or direct extension of cells because of unusual growth or/and multiplication. This results in irregular accumulations, or diffusely distributed individual cells in the connective tissue and interstices of various tissues or organs. T cell infiltration to the tumor site may cause a significant increase in tumor size or the appearance of new lesions. It is well known that infiltration of pathogenic T cells plays an important role in pathogenesis. Characterization of T cell infiltrates would drive an autoreactive inflammatory process, which will lead to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of autoimmunity and potentially to the identification of novel targets for future drug development.

Infiltration of anti-tumor T cells is required for a successful tumor therapy. (Wayteck, et al. 2014). Fig.1 Infiltration of anti-tumor T cells is required for a successful tumor therapy. (Wayteck, et al. 2014).

High-throughput sequencing of TCR repertoire can help elucidate whether a narrow subset of T cells have undergone clonal expansion, potentially elicited by a particular antigen. Ultra-deep TCR-sequencing technology allows novel insights into the clonality of T cell populations in cancers. Through our Magic™ TCR repertoire analysis platform, we can obtain the sequence data of whole covered CDR3 regions of the interested TCR chain from either human or mouse, which have involved most of the hypermutation information. Herein, Creative Biolabs takes advantage of our powerful Magic™ platform and makes a highly focused dissection of the pathogenic T cell infiltration. This finally allows our customers to understand the dynamics and specificity of T cell populations instead of trying to correlate single parameters with the outcome of a complex disease such as cancer.

Key advantages including but not limited to:

Creative Biolabs is a leading expert in the field of immunology with extensive experience and advanced technology platform for NGS sequencing. Our scientists have great experience in analyzing T cell infiltration, which would answer biological questions and define predictive biomarkers, e.g. for cancer immunotherapy.

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  1. Melero, I.; et al. T-cell and NK-cell infiltration into solid tumors: a key limiting factor for efficacious cancer immunotherapy. Cancer discovery. 2014, 4(5):522-526.
  2. Wayteck, L.; et al. A personalized view on cancer immunotherapy. Cancer letters. 2014, 352(1):113-125.

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