Thermal Stable VHH Screening

With seasoned scientists and over a decade of experience in Phage Display Library Construction and Phage Display Library Screening, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to serving the unique requirements of our customers in antibody development projects. Based on our standard biopanning protocol, we have developed different tailored strategies for thermal stable heavy-chain antibody fragments (VHH) screening. We are pleased to share our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in thermal stable VHH to facilitate our clients’ project development.

Thermal Stable VHH ScreeningFig.1 Structure of single domain antibodies
(Eyer & Hruska 2012).
The Properties of VHH

Utilization of antibodies as drug delivery vehicles, or as triggers for human immune response in cancer therapy, are clearly successful applications. For most applications, high-yield production, solubility, stability, and small size are critical factors. In addition, efficient biodistribution or reduced immunogenicity is required. Single domain antibodies, from single monomeric variable domains of either camelids’ VHH or cartilaginous fishes’ IgNAR (VNAR), are the smallest antibodies. These single domain antibody fragments have been successfully expressed in Escherichia coli, yeast or myeloma cells, with high stability and solubility. Therefore, they have been widely used in the fields of diagnostic and therapeutic. It is remarkable that a significant fraction of heavy-chain antibodies raised against enzymes interact directly with the active site, indicating that the catalytic cleft of an enzyme is immunodominant for this class of immunoglobulins. Thus, camelid antibodies recognize novel epitopes, such as enzyme active sites, that are not accessible to classical antibodies because of the size of the VH-VL binding site. VHH fragments have been reported to be more stable than most conventional antibody fragments, even at temperatures as high as 90°C, and thermal unfolding was shown to be reversible, which also contrasts with conventional antibody fragments.

Thermal Stable VHH Screening Service in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has developed a series of efficient strategies to screen thermal stable VHH by elevating temperatures to eliminate thermal unstable phage clones. The thermal stable phage clones will not be affected by higher temperature. Phage ELISA is the main assay to confirm the positive clones. Combined with Magic™ platform, thermal stable VHHs in the enriched sublibrary can be identified effectively.

Key Advantages

The higher stability of VHH is of special interest for researchers in biotechnological and medical fields. Equipped with world-leading Phage Display Platform and professional scientific staff, Creative Biolabs has perfected our technical pipelines in phage display library screening. Based on our diverse biopanning strategies, Creative Biolabs can provide the best thermal stable VHH screening services for our global clients.

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  1. Eyer, L.; Hruska, K. Single-domain antibody fragments derived from heavy-chain antibodies: a review. Veterinarni Medicina. 2012, (9): 439–513.

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