TPR Library Construction

Creative Biolabs offers the best TPR phage display library construction service for our global clients. The generation of TPR library adopts our proprietary Hi-Affi™ phage display platform which can achieve high affinity and diversity.

TPR, the acronym for tetratricopeptide repeat, is a degenerate, 34 amino acid sequence motif. TPR domain is composed of homologous structural units (repeats) that often arranged in tandem arrays of 3-16 motifs. Meanwhile, it has been identified in functionally different proteins from almost all kingdoms of life. Relevant three-dimensional structure analysis indicates TPR motif contains a pair of antiparallel α-helices with little or no β-sheet formation. For TPR domain, the adjacent motifs stack in parallel and form a right-handed superhelix structure with an amphipathic channel leading to accommodate the complementary region of target protein and may facilitate specific interaction with a partner protein.

TPR represents one common mediator of protein-protein interactions which is implicated in a wide variety of cellular functions. As an alternative binding scaffold, repeat proteins, such as TPR, appear like a poster-child due to their biophysical considerations. The consistent protein sequences from the alignment of numerous repeats have shown high thermodynamic stability and a large, easily extendable interaction surface strengthened by a rigid backbone which precluding entropy loss upon binding to the target. Notably, the mutation of TPR motifs not only alters or eliminates their protein interaction specificity, but also has functional consequences for the cell. Therefore, an excellent TPR scaffold library is meaningful to be generated for either TPR screening or further investigation.

Scientists of Creative Biolabs have developed the novel Hi-Affi™ phage display platform to generate our best quality phage display library. This platform based on phage display technology, which is an exogenous gene expression method through fusing the target genes to bacteriophage coat proteins then displaying on the phage surfaces to select specific binders, and has combined trimer codon technology and NNK method to introduce more randomicity for phage library and improve the affinity. Hi-Affi™ phage display platform is more suitable for sorting and isolating the high affinity protein or peptide targets and ensure the generated TPR phage display library to achieve 100% precise mutant and over 1010 diversity.

Creative Biolabs commits to provide the best library construction service with reasonable price for our global customers. Our professional scientists are confident in generating tailored scaffold protein library with the best quality to facilitate our global clients’ research and project development.

TPR Library Construction Fig. 1 Solution structure of the TPR domain from protein phosphatase 5 in complex with Hsp90 derived peptide. (PDB ID: 2BUG)

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