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Aeromonas hydrophila (A. hydrophila) is a heterotrophic, nonspore-forming, Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacillus with a monotrichous flagellum. It is common to seafood and fresh flowing, stagnant and brackish water which causes opportunistic infections. The microorganism is widely considered to be a foodborne pathogen, especially strains from hybridization group (HG1), associated with clinical cases of illness. Its pathogenicity in humans has been recognized for decades. This pathogen induces various virulence factors including exotoxins, cytotoxins, and others, causing huge economic loss. The illness spectrum associated with this pathogen includes gastroenteritis, septicemia, traumatic and aquatic wound infections, and infections after medical leech therapy.

Recombinant A. hydrophila Vaccines

There is a recombinant vaccine candidate which was made by the S-layer protein of A. hydrophila to protect common carp Cyprinus carpio L. against six virulent isolates of A. hydrophila. After vaccination, the relative percentage survival (RPS) for the six isolates ranged from 56 to 87%. The results indicate that the recombinant vaccine could be useful to protect fish against different isolates of this pathogenic bacterium.

Another new recombinant A. hydrophila vaccine (Aera) used a novel functionalized, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) as a delivery vehicle on the intestinal microbiota of grass carp through the bath immunization, and further explored the immunological responses in intestine, kidney, and spleen. The quantity of Aeromonas in library Aera was declined 6.5% and 14.6% compared with the control, respectively. Moreover, the expression of immune-related genes in the intestine, kidney, and spleen of Aera treated fish was significantly enhanced, which indicated that a better tissue immune response in grass carp was induced by the SWCNTs-Aera vaccine. Therefore, this novel vaccine may represent potentially efficient and immunological role in grass carp intestine to resist A. hydrophila infection.

Live Attenuated A. hydrophila Vaccine

XX1LA was screened from the pathogenic A. hydrophila strain XX1 which was used as a live attenuated vaccine candidate. The immune protection of XX1LA against A. hydrophila in common carp showed that the variable up-regulations of the immune-related genes, such as the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-1β, the chemokine IL-10, and IgM. Specific antibody to A. hydrophila was found to gradually increase on day 28 after challenged by pathogen. These results demonstrated that the prominent immune protection presented in the group vaccinated with XX1LA. In summary, the live attenuated bacterial vaccine XX1LA indicates the better protect effect on common carp against A. hydrophila, which can be a potential weapon in aquaculture of common carp to prevent from the disease outbreak in the future.

Outer Membrane-Based Vaccine

The outer membrane protein W (OmpW) of A. hydrophila was cloned, purified, and encapsulated in poly d,l-lactide-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nanoparticles (NPs) for oral vaccination of rohu. To evaluate the efficacy of the NP-rOmpW oral vaccine, data shows that OmpW orally administered using PLGA NPs is protective against A. hydrophila infection with the level of protective immunity induced by oral vaccination being antigen dose-dependent. Thus, this vaccine could be an option to induce the highest protection in fish.

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