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Bartonella henselae, a Gram-negative, zoonotic bacterium, is considered one of the main causes of many diseases in mammals, including cutaneous vasoproliferative lesions, peliosis hepatis, relapsing bacteremia with fever and multifocal erythema. It is also the causative agent of cat scratch disease (CSD) which is a highly infectious disease. CSD is usually spread to people through cats that live in close contact with people, such as cat bites or scratches. The most common symptoms of CSD include headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes and a bump or blister at the scratch site. B. henselae vaccine is regarded as the best way to preventing its infection in human.

Geographic Distribution of Cat Scratch Disease Cases by US Census Division in 2005-2013

Fig.1 Geographic Distribution of Cat Scratch Disease Cases by US Census Division in 2005-2013. (Nelson C.A, et al., 2016)

The Recombinant BadA Bartonella henselae Vaccines

Bartonella henselae is an emerging zoonotic pathogen causing a number of diseases in human. Vaccination of animals may be an important consideration for control of some of these diseases. Recent studies show a prophylactic vaccine against Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) has been developed and its efficacy has been proven in mice models. This vaccine is developed based on the Stalk domain and the Anchor domain of the B. birtlesii BadA protein. The BadA protein can help bacteria infect the hosts and trigger an immune response. Meanwhile, research reveal that the BadA protein also plays a major role in inactivating the complement during the infection in mice models. This recombinant BadA vaccine allows to protect over 90% of the mice against CSD in preclinical research. Although the safety and immunological effects still need be verified in human clinical trials, the prophylactic vaccine still is a promising method for B. henselae prevention.

The Strains for Bartonella henselae Vaccines

Selection of appropriate B. henselae strains have become a critical part for vaccine development. The studies have shown that two genotypes of B. henselae strains (type I and type II) can co-infect the feline host and lead to immune reaction to B. henselae infection. The results also suggest a vaccine against both types of B. henselae strains may be most effective in significantly reducing the B. henselae transmission. In this condition, research have been focused on the interaction between these two strains and the results indicate in cats initially infected with one of these two strains cannot provide enough protection against another strain. Therefore, a vaccine with only one genotype can not provide protection against subsequent B. henselae infection. Several attempts are still need to made to overcome these problems before developing an effective B. henselae vaccine.

Our Services for Bartonella henselae Vaccines

Bartonella henselae - Creative Biolabs

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  1. Nelson C.A, et al. (2016). “Cat-Scratch Disease in the United States, 2005-2013.” Emerg Infect Dis. 22(10), 1741-6.

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