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Coxiella burnetii is the leading cause of worldwide zoonosis, Q fever in human and animals. It is a small, gram-negative, intracellular bacterium with a size of 0.2-1.0 μm. It usually consists of three different forms: SCV (small cell variant), LCV (large cell variant), and SLP (spore-like particles). SCV is often highly infectious, and LCV can also develop in cell culture, as well as SLP is also infectious and easy to live in different environmental conditions. Coxiella burnetii is associated with a variety of infections in human, especially in farmers, stockyard workers, sheep shearers, and veterinary personnel. Coxiella burnetii infections have commonest initial symptoms which are similar to a ‘flu-like’ illness: headache, chills, fever, joint pains, and non-productive cough. Several C. burnetii vaccines have been produced and proven to be effective in clinical therapy.

The Management Strategy for C. burnetii Infection

Fig.1 The Management Strategy for C. burnetii Infection. (Eldin C, et al., 2017)

The Inactivated Coxiella burnetii Vaccines

Coxiella burnetii is a lethal bacterium which is transmitted by birds and poultry. It can infect the hunter by the respiratory route and mostly presents as pneumonia. Vaccination is regarded as the best way to control Coxiella burnetii infection in livestock. Coxiella burnetii vaccine development has been studied for ten years and a number of vaccines have been available for immunizing animals since 2010. The inactivated C. burnetii vaccine is widely used in sheep, the study shows that it is more effective if immunized during an animal's first pregnancy. In addition, the inactivated vaccines against C. burnetii are usually developed by using hen's egg yolk sac, enrichment, and subsequent formalin inactivation. The efficacy of the inactivated vaccines has been investigated in a sheep flock with confirmed C. burnetii infection. The data show that this vaccine can provide effective immune responses in goats from birth to 16 months.

The Q-Vax Coxiella burnetii Vaccines

Q-Vax, a vaccine against Q-fever caused by C. burnetii is a whole-cell formalin-inactivated vaccine. This vaccine is derived from the phase 1 Henzerling strain of C. burnetii and has been approved in Australia, where it is normally widely used by farmers, abattoir workers, and laboratorians. The studies show that Q-Vax is an effective and safe vaccine for C. burnetii prevention in livestock but not in human. Q-Vax has caused a severe adverse reaction in a number of human clinical trials. Therefore, vaccines consisting of either formalin-inactivated phase I or phase II whole cell C. burnetii are all need to further improve the safety in clinic.

The Candidates for Coxiella burnetii Vaccines

Because of limitations of the current C. burnetii vaccine, identification of immunodominant antigens of C. burnetii has become a common issue for vaccine development. The studies suggest that type IV secretion system (T4SS) effectors of C. burnetii play an important role in immune response and T4SS related peptides should be useful to identify the potential candidates. The results indicate that Interferon γ (IFN-γ) can induce a robust CD48+ T-cell response and provide a protection against C. burnetii in mice. Besides, a number of peptides, including CBU_0311 and nine T4SS-related proteins, are involved in infection or protective immunity against C. burnetii. These peptides will offer promise in the pursuit of a new Q fever vaccine.

Our Services for Coxiella burnetii Vaccines

Coxiella burnetiid - Creative Biolabs

Our Coxiella burnetii vaccines platform, including in-depth discovery chemistry and biology, aims to offer streamlined development services from vaccine target identification to safety and toxicity studies. Our laboratory services have many advanced chemical and biological technologies to support customer’s needs in the fast-growing vaccine development.

  • One-stop vaccine manufacturing service
  • Multiple and well-established vaccine development assay
  • Efficient and cost-effective process

Creative Biolabs is pleased to share our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in the field of vaccine development with our customers. We can offer high-quality customized services by adjusting protocols to meet even the most specific requirements. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Eldin C, et al. (2017). “From Q Fever to Coxiella burnetii Infection: a Paradigm Change.” Clin Microbiol Rev. 30(1), 115-190.

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