HARCS Cancer Exome Assays

Identification of hereditary changes using next-generation sequencing technology is the standard means of gene therapy. Creative Biolabs' advanced sequencing platform is ahead of industry standards in both accuracy and breadth of content. Whether it's target sequencing or exome sequencing or whole-genome sequencing, we can provide you with the most reliable data, and at the same time, the rich databases created by our own can make scientific and reasonable annotations and analysis of your results, greatly improving your research efficiency.

Cancer Exome Assays

Exome sequencing was originally applied to clinical genetics research, but today its application and role in cancer research are beginning to grow. The next-generation sequencing-based oncology DNA testing is still focused on the detection of tumor-associated genes in specific cancers. The purpose of this test is to select the appropriate treatment for specific genetic changes, but not to effectively discover new cancer-related variants or structural variants. Exome sequencing not only enables rapid detection of a range of clinically relevant mutations but also the discovery and identification of new variants associated with cancer predisposing gene mutations, pharmacogenomic mutations, and even the discovery of MHC neoepitopes as biomarkers in immunotherapeutic responses. In addition, the high cost of genome-wide sequencing and the difficulty of analyzing data make the exome sequencing an ideal alternative. Exome sequencing has now become a powerful tool for revealing pathogenic mutations, particularly in providing information on the genetic mechanisms of cancer.

HARCS Cancer Exome Assays

The HARCS Cancer Exome Assays target a wide range of coding regions of the genome, encompassing regulatory, 3' untranslated regions, well-defined functional regions, and numerous non-coding RNAs, as well as outperforming in the determination of single nucleotide variants (SNV) and insertion deletions (indels).

Exome sequencing workflow - Creative Biolabs

Fig.1 Exome sequencing workflow.

Features of HARCS Cancer Exome Assays

  • Broad coverage: contains all exons with more than 20,000 genes and more than 1,400 cancer-related genes.
  • Excellent sequencing capability for complex structures including high GC regions and hairpin structures.
  • Enrichment in detectable variant types including but not limited to CNVs, indels, and SNPs.
  • Simple sample preparation requirements for all cancer sample types as well as FFPE, PBMCs, FNAs, and fresh frozen samples, etc.

The continuous development and advancement of sequencing technology are very important for basic research on cancer. Creative Biolabs continues to utilize existing technologies and innovatively integrate advanced strategies to successfully develop a superior HARCS sequencing and analysis platform to meet your various sequencing requirements.

Our services are for research use only. We do not provide services directly to individuals.

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