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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Vaccine - Creative Biolabs

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), a single-stranded RNA virus belonging to the genus Lagovirus and family Caliciviridae, is a serious and extremely contagious lethal disease of domesticated and wild rabbits. RHDV is a pathogen of rabbits that causes important economic losses in the rabbit meat and fur industry and has a significant negative ecological impact among wild rabbit populations and indirectly on its dependant predators. The virus can enter the body through the oral, nasal and parenteral transmission and is present in urine and faeces from infected rabbits, although oral transmission is thought to predominate, and RHDV can remain survive outside the host for a long period.

Inactivated RHDV Vaccines

There are two oil-adjuvanted vaccines available containing inactivated viral RHDV and a vaccine containing both classic and variant strain of RHDV for activating immunisation to prevent clinical signs and mortality caused by rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease. These vaccines have twelve months duration of immunity and have the advantages that assure no replication of vaccine virus and no deleterious effects on the foetus, does not cause abortion, or have any impact on weaning. The rabbits under vaccination were exposed to very high doses of the virus either by direct oral dosing or by exposure to infected rabbit livers. All vaccinated rabbits were protected against rabbit haemorrhagic disease, indicating that the inactivated RHDV vaccine is effective against the virus.

Live RHDV Vaccine

A live combination vaccine became available which comprises a live myxoma-vectored RHDV strain 009. The vaccine strain is a myxoma virus expressing the capsid protein gene of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus and it offers the duration of immunity of 1 year against both RHDV and myxoma virus. This vaccine is for active immunisation of rabbits from 5 weeks of age onwards to reduce mortality and clinical signs of myxomatosis and to prevent mortality due to rabbit haemorrhagic disease caused by classical RHDV strains.

Virus like Particles

VP60, the unique structural protein of RHDV, has been produced in the baculovirus system, and in all cases the recombinant protein obtained was able to induce protection against a lethal challenge with RHDV in rabbits. The recombinant VP60, released in the supernatant of infected insect cells, assembled without the need of any other viral component to form virus-like particles (VLPs), structurally and immunologically indistinguishable from the rabbit hemorrhagic disease virion. Intramuscular vaccination of rabbits with the VLPs obtained complete protection in 15 days and this protection was found to be effective from the fifth day after VLP injection and was accompanied by a strong humoral response.

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