Shigella boydii Vaccines

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Shigella boydii

Shigella boydii is a Gram-negative bacterium belonging to the genus Shigella, which infects humans through the fecal-oral route and causes diarrhea. S. boydii is only prevalent in the Indian subcontinent, and the bacterium is the most divergent species in the Shigella genus in terms of genes. There is evidence that Shigella and E. coli are from the same ancestor, because all Shigella, including most serotypes of S. boydii, have the same genetic material as E. coli with 3 Mb. A quantitative method was used to detect the opsonophagocytic killing antibody and the serum Shigella-specific bactericidal activity in volunteers after EcSf2a-2 immunization. The results showed that the antibody levels before the challenge were closely associated with the protection clinically compared with the control group, and can greatly reduce the symptoms of the disease after the challenge. In addition, studies have shown that LPS antibodies can compete and significantly reduce the bactericidal activity of Shigella-specific serum but do not completely eliminate its effects, suggesting that other antigens may be involved in this process.

Development of the Shigella boydii Vaccines

The main strategy for the design of the Shigella vaccine has focused on inducing a good immune response against the Shigella O polysaccharide, since the O polysaccharide can determine the serotype of Shigella. The diversity of Shigella serotypes and their various prevalence in both developed and developing countries make the development of multivalent Shigella vaccines an urgent requirement for addressing the needs of different target populations. It is generally believed that a vaccine comprising S. sonnei, S. dysenteriae type 1, S. flexneri 2a, S. flexneri 3, and S. flexneri 6 antigens can prevent 75% of Shigella-induced diarrhea worldwide. In order to achieve protection of various types of Shigella, a multivalent vaccine can be constructed by combining antigens of different serotypes, and an antigen having cross-protective activity can also be used to design a vaccine. The live attenuated vaccine T32 prepared from the S. flexneri 2a strain showed significant protection and tolerability in tests in China and Romania, and the vaccine was able to provide a significant protection but relatively low response to S. sonnei, S. boydii 1-6 and S. flexneri 1b. Subsequent studies have found that the invasiveness plasmid of T32 is partially deleted, thus causing the bacterial strain to lose its ability to invade epithelial cells. So far, a variety of vaccines against generic Shigella have been in different stages of research, and some of them have shown good results, which is a welcome news for the prevention of shigellosis.

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