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Turkey astrovirus (TAstV) is a non-enveloped, spherical, icosahedral capsid virus with a single-stranded positive-sense RNA of the family Astroviridiae which is known as the causative agent of acute gastroenteritis. This disease could transfer to human after being consumed. The virus has a diameter of 25-35 nm and the genome is 6.5-7.5 kb long. TAstV has three open reading frames (ORFs) that code for the non-structural proteins serine-protease (ORF1a) and RNA-dependent polymerase (ORF1b) and the structural proteins of the viral capsid (ORF 2). In turkeys, the infection of TAstV usually occur during the first four weeks of age and can also cause emesis, headache, fever, abdominal pains, and anorexia in children under 2, elderly or immunocompromised people.

Inactivated Vaccines

The inactivated avian astrovirus vaccine is under investigation and the virus was inactivated by beta-propiolactone under control of temperature and pH, according to standard protocols. Then, inactivated astrovirus is homogenised into a standard w/o emulsion consisting of a light mineral oil and appropriate emulsifiers. Avian astroviruses comprise of nepritis virus 1 and 2 (from chickens) and turkey astrovirus 1 and 2 (TAstV1, 2) which are capable of inducing an activation of a targets' immune system. Turkeys and chickens were vaccinated with an adjuvated vaccine of inactivated astrovirus. This inactivated vaccine has the advantage of being safer than live vaccines, because they do not expose the host to any potentially pathogenic replicating live avian astrovirus. The dosing scheme for applying the vaccine according to the invention to a target organism can be in single or multiple doses, which may be given at the same time or sequentially, in a manner compatible with the formulation of the vaccine, and in such an amount as will be immunologically effective.

Other Novel Vaccines

Some novel vaccines against TAstV are under development. Turkeys immunized with a baculovirus-expressed TAstV capsid protein developed virus-specific antibody, this technique of producing virus-like particles for vaccination shows great possibilities and values. Meanwhile, the oral administration of TAstV-2 capsid resulted in an increased clinical score in a time- and dose-dependent manner. In addition, multivalent recombinant vaccine candidates, which include turkey, duckling, pigeon or guinea fowl, were also obtained the great attention and have a huge application prospects.

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