Vesicle-Associated Membrane Protein Family

Vesicle-associated membrane proteins (VAMPs), also termed synaptobrevins, are a group of SNARE (soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor activating protein receptor) proteins with similar structure. VAMP is anchored to the synaptic vesicle through a single transmembrane domain and has a cytoplasmic domain which contributes a coiled-coil strand to the core complex. VAMPs can form a stable complex with syntaxin, synaptosomal-associated protein and synaptotagmin. They reside on exocytotic vesicles and are mostly involved in the targeting and/or fusion of transport vesicles to their target membrane, by interacting with the plasma membrane proteins SNAP-25 and syntaxin. VAMPs are supposed to be implicated in a late stage of membrane fusion and appose the two membranes to induce an activated docked state and drive vesicle fusion.

Furthermore, VAMP-related membrane fusion appears to be shared with many forms of intracellular trafficking in which homologous proteins perform to fuse a vesicle with its target membrane. Here, we give further details about a part of the vesicle-associated membrane proteins that may be of your interest.

Human Vesicle-associated Membrane Protein Members

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Magic™ membrane protein production platform – Creative Biolabs

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