Virus-Like Particles for Membrane Protein Expression

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to providing first-class membrane protein production service using a variety of strategies. Based on our leading-edge platform, we have successfully produced, purified, stabilized and characterized many challenging membrane protein targets. Especially, we have integrated the special lipoparticle technology which can reconstitute the native target protein onto recombinant VLP surface, to help facilitate diverse research goals of our clients.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) resemble their corresponding native viruses with similar overall structure but losing original infectious ability due to the absence of viral genome. VLPs are symmetrically built from hundreds of coat proteins, which can be genetically engineered to present a regular arrangement of epitope chains on the desired positions of the outer surface. Currently, VLPs has been widely applied for a variety of applications such as vaccines, antibody development, delivery systems, bioimaging, and cell targeting. Of note, one VLP derivate, termed lipoparticles, has proven excellent utility in membrane protein display.

Lipoparticles are highly purified VLPs that contain intact, native membrane proteins harvested from host cells. As we known, membrane proteins are difficult to obtain due to the highly hydrophobic transmembrane domains, which makes purification/stabilization very challenging. In contrast to conventional heterologous expression system, lipoparticle technology bypasses the extraction process, directly incorporating the cell membrane fractions via budding off from host cells. This way, native and intact structure can be maximally preserved; moreover, lipoparticles can display high-density membrane proteins compared to host cells (10-100 folds). It has been considered as an innovative and versatile tool for expressing GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, viral coat proteins, etc.

Creative Biolabs now provides featured custom lipoparticle production service of following advantages:

Virus-Like Particles for Membrane Protein Expression

Lipoparticle technology has been widely applied in various applications including immunogen production, phage/yeast display, hybridoma screening, and assay development.

Creative Biolabs now provides one-stop, custom-oriented lipoparticle services. Each kind of lipoparticle product will be strictly assessed to guarantee optimal purity, integrity, and homogeneity. Moreover, our company offers a full range of VLPs products (e.g. HBV VLP, HIV VLP, HPV VLP, CA16 VLP, EV71 VLP, poliovirus VLP, polyomaviruses VLP, AAV VLP, bacteriophage Qβ VLP, Zika VLP, etc.) Our scientists warmly welcome customers all over the world to consult and discuss their projects. Please feel free to inquire us for further information.


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