Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) for Delivery System

Creative Biolabs has long time been the world-leading provider of virus-like particles (VLPs)-based delivery systems. With the vast experience and advanced platforms, we are pleased to provide the most satisfactory service to help customers reach their project goals.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) mimic the whole construct of virus particles with self-assembly property but lose its infectious ability for lacking core viral genome. Due to the special features of VLPs, they have been widely exploited in many different fields such as antibody development, vaccine development, membrane protein expression, etc.

Creative Biolabs can design and produce various chimeric VLP (cVLPs) by fusing different antigens to VLPs through either covalent or non-covalent bond. The most widely used covalent bond strategy is generated by the heterobifunctional chemical cross-linkers with amine and sulfhydryl-reactive arms while the non-covalent conjugation often uses streptavidin as linkers to attach VLPs and biotinylated antigens through their efficient and specific interactions. We have successfully encapsulated various materials such as DNA and proteins in SV40 VLPs as antigens. Besides that, we are able to insert an exogenous peptide into the surface loops of VP1 to produce SV40 VLPs with the ability of cell targeting. We can also deliver heterologous antigens using SV40 VLPs to be a promising vaccine candidate without synthetic adjuvants since SV40 VLPs stimulated innate immunity as a natural adjuvant.

Schematic flowchart of DNA encapsulation and surface modulation of HEV VLP Figure 1. Schematic flowchart of DNA encapsulation and surface modulation of HEV VLP.

Our VLPs platform provides delivery systems for various compounds such as DNA, siRNA, protein/peptide and drugs. It’s widely accepted that delivery of foreign DNA by VLPs is a very useful method for vaccination and gene therapy. We have increased both the stability and cell-penetrating properties of siRNA by an efficient siRNA delivery system using PEI-modified VLPs. We are also professional in delivering proteins and peptides by VLPs in vivo and in vitro. Our world-class VLPs encapsulation technology protect drugs from degradation in blood and aims the drugs directly to the target cells. Our VLPs delivery systems help drugs to be more soluble, biocompatible, high-uptaken, and less toxic.

Creative Biolabs is professional in creating diverse virus-like particles (VLPs)-based delivery systems based on our state-of-the-art technical platforms. Creative Biolabs now also provides multiple VLPs products including HBV VLP, HIV VLP, HPV VLP, CA16 VLP, EV71 VLP, poliovirus VLP, polyomaviruses VLP, AAV VLP, bacteriophage Qβ VLP, Zika VLP, etc. Please feel free to inquire us for further discussions.


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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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