Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) Production in Insect Cell System

Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized pioneer in offering all-around virus-like particles (VLPs) services. We have developed a serial of advanced systems for VLPs construction. In particular, we now offer best-in-class VLP production service based on our unparalleled insect expression system. We strive to identify the most critical needs of global customers, and we keep challenging ourselves to meet their needs through continuous innovation.

Virus-like particles (VLP) are generally constructed in a heterologous host expression system with viral structural proteins. Such proteins assemble into structures that are morphologically similar to native viruses while lacking infectivity due to the absence of viral genome. VLPs represent one versatile class of nanoparticles that has a wide variety of applications, including vaccines, antibody development, membrane protein expression, delivery systems, bioimaging and cell targeting.

VLPs construction in insect cells system. Figure 1. VLPs construction in insect cells system. (Current opinion in biotechnology, 2007)

The insect cell system has been proven to be a powerful system for rapidly and easily producing VLPs, due to several convenient features, including its versatility and the rapid lead time needed for construction of recombinant baculovirus. Besides that, insect cells system has other prominent advantages such as the high growth rate, the capacity for large-scale production, and the ability of several post-translational modifications similar to mammalian cells system. The major limitation of insect cell system is the possible contamination of the enveloped baculovirus particles. To solve this problem, Creative Biolabs has developed non-replicative baculovirus which reduce pollution to the minimum degree. In addition, we tested silkworm expression system for VLPs production, which is stable and efficient to produce VLPs and modify the surface of VLPs as an alternative. Furthermore, we also provide two strategies of VLPs construction which have more than one structural protein, one is coinfection, and the other one is coexpression. The insect cell line derived from Trichoplusia ni has been used for the production of the commercial HPV L1-VLP vaccine. Of note, at least 7 additional recombinant VLPs that are isolated from insect cells systems are at different development stages as promising vaccine candidates.

Creative Biolabs is pleased to tailor the most appropriate experimental scheme for our customs based on different research directions. Alternative expression systems are also available from which we can select a most appropriate choice to proceed:

We are committed to being the premier, research-intensive biotechnology company and are dedicated to providing leading solutions for old and new customers. We are always dedicated to the highest level of scientific excellence. Please feel free to inquire us for further discussions.


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