Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) Production in Mammalian Cell System

Creative Biolabs is an undisputed world-leading service provider of virus-like particles (VLPs) technology. With rich experience and well-established platforms, we can offer leading-edge virus-like particles (VLPs) production service based on our advanced mammalian cells system to deliver diverse research goals. Our professional experts are well-adept and pleased in tailoring the most reliable and cost-effective strategies for our customers to facilitate their significant research.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are multisubunit self-assembly protein structures with identical or highly related overall structure to their corresponding native viruses. During the last decades, VLPs have emerged as a widely accepted technology in both laboratory research and industry application, especially in the field of vaccines, antibody development, membrane protein expression, delivery systems, bioimaging and cell targeting, etc. A great variety of expression host systems is now available depend on experiment purpose including:

Among all these systems available, statistical data showed that about more than half of all recombinant proteins in the pharmaceutical industry are produced in mammalian cells system. Despite high cost and complexity associated with manufacture process, mammalian cell system is still widely used for VLPs production aiming to generate gene therapy agents or vaccine candidates in both basic experiments and industrial areas. Self-assembling and non-infectious, VLPs can serve as a novel class of nanoparticles, especially to present structural proteins as immunogens, bypassing the need for live pathogen or recombinant viral vector preparation. Of note, VLPs also exerts enormous potential in developing vaccines based on its superior stability and biosafety in comparison with living pathogens.

TEM micrographs of the VLP sample generated by mammalian cells system Figure 1. TEM micrographs of the VLP sample generated by mammalian cells system. (Plos One, 2010)

Distinct from other expression systems, the most critical and competitive advantage of this system lies in its high eukaryotic level, which can best guarantee efficient folding, assembly, and native PTMs (for more details Magic™ Membrane Protein Production Service). It’s also known to have high levels of production flexibility and consistency. Creative Biolabs has successfully constructed complex enveloped viruses such as hybrid influenza VLPs using our mammalian expression platform. We now provide a great range of human cell lines including Vero, SV-1, 2BS, Mrc-5, RK-13, SP/20, CHO, etc.

Creative Biolabs offers one-stop VLPs construction services for diverse research/industrial needs. We promise our clients the first-class service from initial inquiry to post-delivery with a Ph.D. technical support staff assigned to your project. High efficient and excellent representing services have earned us trust from a great deal of customers all over the world. Moreover, many well-qualified VLP products can also be provided as customized products, e.g. HBV VLP, HIV VLP, HPV VLP, CA16 VLP, EV71 VLP, poliovirus VLP. Please feel free to inquire us for further discussions.


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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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