Vomeronasal Type-1 Receptor Family

Vomeronasal receptors are a class of olfactory receptors that putatively function as receptors for pheromones. Two distinct superfamilies of vomeronasal receptors have been identified, termed vomeronasal type-1 receptors (V1Rs) and V2Rs. They both are G protein-coupled receptors but differ in protein structure, gene organization, expression localization, coupled G proteins, and physiological roles. V1Rs with Gαi2-coupled protein are expressed in the apical layer of the vomeronasal epithelium and have axonal projections to the anterior accessory olfactory bulb. The V1Rs are encoded by genes with a single exon and structurally, they have short N-terminal extracellular domains. At the functional level, V1Rs are associated with the detection of small volatile molecules involved in gender discrimination and sexual behaviors.

Different subtypes of human vomeronasal type-1 receptors have been identified. The molecular mechanisms, structures, and functions of these receptors have not been well-characterized. Here, we give an introduction to the current understanding of the following human VN1R1.

Human Vomeronasal Type-1 Receptors Member

Studying human vomeronasal receptors at the molecular level is useful for understanding their characteristics and function, and developing potential therapeutic designs. However, as with other membrane proteins, the difficulty of functionally expressing and purifying these receptors in sufficient quantities is a major obstacle towards research. Here at Creative Biolabs, we are proud to introduce our Magic™ membrane protein production platform, which offers various strategies and approaches. Your target proteins can be reconstituted into systems like detergent micelles, proteoliposomes, nanodiscs, lipoparticles, and polymers. Moreover, we also offer stably transfected cell lines of different backgrounds that overexpress your protein of interest, providing the basis for carrying our further structural and functional analyses.

Magic™ membrane protein production platform – Creative Biolabs

Meanwhile, our Magic™ membrane protein antibody discovery platform is introduced as well, for discovery and development of high-quality antibodies against these target antigens. We also present DNA immunization service for anti-membrane protein antibody development. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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