Yeast Display Antibody Library Construction Service

Yeast surface display has proved to be a robust, versatile, and quantitative method for generating antibodies with customized properties and is now widely used to screen libraries of antibody fragments with a high success rate. Creative Biolabs has a long and successful history of providing antibody discovery services to accelerate biopharmaceutical development and overcome extensive challenges. Our proprietary yeast display antibody library construction service has a proven track record of supporting our clients to discover the antibody of their interest.

Yeast Display Antibody Library

It has been demonstrated a lot that antibodies play vital roles as reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics in numerous biological and biomedical research settings. Due to the increasing demand for antibodies, specific applications require the development of antibodies with customized properties. The invention of in vitro display methodologies allows an accessible, powerful alternative compared to traditional animal immunization and hybridoma-based monoclonal antibody isolation.

For years, yeast display has been regarded as a robust, versatile, quantitative methodology for isolating and engineering antibody fragments. Some key advantages of yeast display are the ease with which various libraries can be constructed and the quantitative, real-time assessment of candidate clones made possible via flow cytometric analysis.

Yeast Display Antibody Library Construction ServiceFig 1. Schematic representation of yeast surface display and detection strategies. (a) Heterologous protein display. A protein of interest such as a scFv is encoded between two epitope tags and fused in-frame with Aga2p. During processing and secretion, Aga2p forms disulfide bonds with Aga1p, resulting in a physical linkage between the protein of interest and the genetic information encoding the protein. (b) Detection of protein display and antigen binding. Yeast can be probed for the presence of full-length protein and antigen binding using fluorescent antibodies and streptavidin reagents.

Features, Advantages, and Applications

Yeast display antibody library has previously been used to engineer various antibody formats, including scFv-fragments, Fab-fragments, Fcabs, and single domain antibody VHH-fragments aimed at isolating clones with improved properties. This display system can be used for the discovery of novel human, rabbit, and llama monoclonal antibodies, with each cell displaying 1×104 to 1×105 copies. Libraries of antibodies displayed on the surface of yeast could be screened using flow cytometry. Antibody variation and avidity can be quantitatively screened using fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), which evaluates both the strength of antigen binding and amount of antibody expression on the yeast surface via separate tags on the antibody and antigen. Combined with the FACS assays, yeasts display system ensures a more quantitative and efficient way of assessing high binding affinity and selectivity for the antigens.

Why Choose Creative Biolabs?

With decades of experience in the field of antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs has established an efficient and validated system of yeast display antibody library construction for novel binding proteins and high-affinity fragments to a specified target, which guarantees up to 2×108 transformants per μg of ligation mixture, enabling the production of highly efficient libraries of high diversity. Perform library quality control to sample library genetic diversity and verify that the majority of clones are of full length (optional but recommended).

Yeast Display Antibody Library Construction Service

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