Yeast Display Non-Antibody Protein Library Construction Service

Yeast display is regarded as a powerful and efficient technology for engineering a broad range of protein scaffolds. Due to the considerable commercial profits of the antibody industry, yeast display was mostly developed for antibody engineering. Recently, the yeast display technology has been rapidly expanded to non-antibody protein engineering. As the world leader in this industry, Creative Biolabs has developed an efficient strategy of non-antibody protein library construction, which help to engineer non-antibody protein of increased affinity, stability, specificity and other desired features.

Yeast Display Helps to Study Non-Antibody Protein

Post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation, sulfonation, and acetylation, regulate plenty of fundamental intracellular biological processes through mediating protein-protein interactions. Consequently, to create engineered proteins with enhanced properties, including increased stability, binding affinity, and catalytic activity, plays a significant role in biological research, medicine, and biotechnology. To this end, many platforms are now available for the construction of non-antibody protein libraries, allowing directed evolution, post-translational modifications or functional genomics studies.

For years, Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been widely used as an efficient eukaryotic host for protein production. And with the development of the technology and the research requirements, the application of yeast display has been expanded from antibody display to non-antibody protein display with great success. Combining with fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) technology and directed evolution, yeast display has been proven to be extraordinarily effective for molecular engineering of various target proteins, including non-antibody proteins.

Yeast Display Non-Antibody Protein Library Construction

Yeast display non-antibody library is generated from the underlying genetic material that codes for the protein variants. This kind of connection is known as a genotype-phenotype linkage and should be maintained throughout the protein engineering process so that the desired protein variants can be identified by sequencing following library screening.


Yeast non-antibody protein library has been widely used for protein engineering applications. Recently, remarkable efforts were exploited to modify the original Aga1-Aga2 yeast display for the non-antibody protein engineering with positive outcomes, expanding its application on oxidase, Class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC-II), protease, sortase, lipoic acid ligase etc.

Yeast Display Non-Antibody Protein Library Construction Service Fig 1. A selection of non-antibody proteins successfully engineered and displayed on the yeast surface (Gai and Wittrup, 2007).

What We Offer

As a matured surface display platform, the combination of FACS with yeast display has proven its extraordinary advantage in protein library construction, with its great power in the fine-tuning of protein affinity, specificity, and activity. Creative Biolabs, who always focus on the hotspot of scientific research, offers the most comprehensive portfolio of non-antibody protein library construction services based on our exclusive Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology.

Following is the list of available non-antibody protein engineering service base on yeast non-antibody protein libraries in Creative Biolabs, which including but not limited to:

Yeast Display Non-Antibody Protein Library Construction Service

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ yeast display services, please contact us for more details. We are also proud to provide other yeast display library construction services including:


  1. Gai, S. A.; Wittrup, K. D. Yeast surface display for protein engineering and characterization. Current Opinion in Structural Biology. 2007, 17(4):467.

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