Yeast Display Peptide Library Construction Service

For many years, yeast systems have been widely used for the production of recombinant proteins. Yeast can be grown easily and rapidly on a simple media to high cell density and are regarded as a safe host organism for the production of proteins/peptide. Based on decades of experience and advanced technology, Creative Biolabs is committed to providing our customers with high-quality yeast display peptide library construction service.

Peptide Library

Peptide libraries are extensively applied as a powerful and efficient tool in biological research. They provide a rapid and cost-effective approach for a various range of bioactivity-screening purposes, identifying critical bioactive peptides. Dedicated libraries of small peptides are ideal for T-cell epitope mapping & searching. Overlapping linear peptide libraries allow a quick way to map of the linear or complex epitope of your desired antibody. Peptide libraries are also applied in biochemical studies as enzyme substrates, ligands or inhibitors.

Advantages of Yeast Display Peptide Library Construction

Yeast surface display engineering has enabled the production of genetically engineered proteins on the cell surface. Yeast cell surface engineering methods have been well-developed using genetically and non-genetically engineered yeast cells. The accessibility of the yeast genome for genetic manipulations, available techniques to introduce exogenous DNA into yeast cells, and the broad knowledge of yeast biochemistry, has contributed to the development of new methods for analyzing and preparing peptides from yeast. Several post-translational processing mechanisms available in yeast, such as glycosylation, particle assembly, amino-terminal acetylation, and proteolytic processing, have allowed the expression of proteins and peptides derived from mammalian species with appropriate authentic modifications. What’s more, heterologous proteins can be secreted from specially engineered strains via the eukaryotic secretory pathway and are easily harvested from yeast culture media. The utilization of either homologous or heterologous signal peptides has allowed authentic maturation of secreted proteins, as being correctly folded and cleaved, by the endogenous yeast apparatus. In addition, several methods have been developed for displaying mutated peptides or protein libraries on the yeast cell surface and for screening them for novel functionalities.

Yeast Display Peptide Library Construction Service

Creative Biolabs has decades of experience in designing, synthesizing, and constructing custom peptide libraries. We offer yeast display peptide library construction services for our worldwide clients based on the following features:

We offer peptide libraries with different structural modifications, such as N-terminal acetylation, biotinylation, Ser/Thr-phosphorylation, N-methylation, or labeling with fluorescent dyes upon your request.

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ yeast display services, please contact us for more details. We are also proud to provide other yeast display library construction services including:

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