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PreciAb™ Platform

Computer science and technology has made tremendous progress in the past decade, and it has influenced every aspect of our life. Since the late 1990s, computational biology has become an important part of emerging technologies in the field of biology. Benefit from the advancement in the development of computer hardware, such as the advent of supercomputer, and the programming language for computational biology, scientists are able to achieve structural information with more details, which is not only necessary to understand the various function and mechanism of biological molecules, but also, more importantly, the key to the design of molecules with new or improved functions.

PreciAb™ Platform

Creative Biolabs is a leading biotech company focused on antibody engineering in all fields, covering research, diagnosis, and therapy. To follow the trend of immunotherapy, our scientists have established a series of platforms for antibody development and services, our featured antibody-based services include Phage Display & Antibody Library Services, Single Domain Antibody Services, Magic™ Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery, Human or Humanized Antibody Services, etc. With years of experience in computational structural biology and antibody engineering, we develop a comprehensive computer-aided antibody development platform, named PreciAb™, which comprise a full set of technologies and proprietary algorithms for designing antibodies with defined formats and functions.

PreciAb™ Platform

Antibodies are binding proteins produced by B lymphocytes to defend an organism against pathogens and foreign macromolecules. They are widely used as a research tool, in diagnostics, and also as therapeutic agents. Antibody molecules are characterized by their enormous diversity and specificity of recognition. Although the development of phage display technology has enabled the selection of antibodies to any antigen with acceptable binding affinity, properties of the antibody need to be further optimized for their application, especially for therapy. When available, refined antibody structure and even structure of antibody-antigen complex are very useful in antibody molecular design and engineering. In our PreciAb™ platform, key steps of antibody development are described as follow,

  • Antibody structure construction through combining structure- and homology-based modeling methods
  • Structure optimization by dynamics simulation, rotamer library, loop modeling, and etc.
  • Complementarity-determining region (CDR) identification on the basis of tertiary structure of the antibody
  • Antibody-antigen complex modeling and interaction analysis
  • Paratope and epitope identification and key residues analysis
  • Computer-aided antibody affinity maturation and function modification
  • Global analysis and optimization of antibody biophysical properties (thermodynamic stability, aggregation propensity, immunogenicity)

PreciAb™ Platform

Up to now, the major challenge in antibody modeling remains to be the prediction of the conformations of the CDR loops and modification of antibody affinity and function by computer-aided design coupled with knowledge-based design, our scientists at Creative Biolabs will keep striving on improving our loop modeling techniques. In addition to computer-based analysis, we can offer knowledge-based analysis and advice on in silico antibody engineering for various downstream applications.

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