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Epitope-specific Antibody Design

Creative Biolabs now offers a range of epitope-specific antibody design services. With our well-established PreciAb™ platform, we are confident in providing unique epitope-specific antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

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Structure-based Antibody Reformatting

Knowing about the advantages of smaller size of antibody molecule, such as improved tumor/tissue penetration and ease of production. Creative Biolabs now offers a range of antibody reformatting services on the basis of our well-established PreciAb™ platform.

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Antibody Developability Prediction

Therapeutic antibodies comprise the majority of today's biotherapeutics. Aggregation and immunogenicity are two common problems for antibody during all stages of their production and application. Creative Biolabs now provides in silico developability prediction service.

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High-throughput Antibody Screening and Design

Numerous well-established approaches for the discovery of novel antibodies have been developed. As a leading company in the field of antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs is capable of offering high-throughput antibody screening and designing services to facilitate the progress of your project.

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