Creative Biolabs is one of the world's leading contract organizations (CROs) that is dedicated to supporting the fight against cancer. We provide comprehensive and high-quality value chains from discovery to commercialization in T cell antigen connector (TAC) technology and T cell antigen connector (TAC) adoptive immunotherapy. Working with us means excitement to create values for the biomedical industry and abound opportunities for personal growth. We firmly believe that our success is synchronized with our employees’ realization of personal career goals. We are now looking to recruit the best talent to join our dynamic and loyal workforce. Join us today!

What can we offer?
We realize that the key to our success is employees who are passionate about their work. In return, we strive to meet their various needs by offering competitive development opportunities and benefit programs that help them achieve a comfortable work-life balance and improve their life quality. An important principle of our compensation approach is to translate employee performance, personal growth, and achievement into welfares. Our benefits include:

•  A competitive base salary
•  Life insurance and disability income protection
•  First year incentives for excellent beginners
•  Annual bonus
•  Equity incentives based on longer-term performance
•  Paid vacations and holidays
•  Retirement benefits
•  Remote work options
•  H1B sponsorship
•  Educational assistance program
•  Workplace perks and flexible work schedules

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Sales Manager, T Cell Engineering
Project Supervisor, T Cell Engineering
Principal Scientist, T Cell Engineering
Biotechnologist, T Cell Engineering

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