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TAC Engineered T Cell Preclinical Trial Services

As a pioneer company in the field of T cell therapy, Creative Biolabs has successfully established an advanced T Cell Antigen Connector (TAC)-T platform that enables us to provide a variety of TAC engineered T cell preclinical trial services. Preclinical trials are the most critical part of the drug development process which plays an important role in evaluating drug safety and effectiveness. In our company, we can offer you a whole panel of pharmacological and animal models, such as the TAC efficacy test, TAC toxicity evaluation, and TAC clinical diagnostics. Our TAC-T cell preclinical trial services including but not limited to:

TAC Preclinical In Vivo Assay

Studies show that TAC engineered T cells play an important role in anti-tumor and it should be a potential tool against various diseases. But the safety and efficacy of TAC-T cells are still needed to be further evaluated in preclinical in vivo assay. We can offer large and small animal model construction services for our worldwide customers. Meanwhile, we also provide TAC efficacy tests in a wide variety of disease models. Besides, our scientists have applied their training and expertise to assess the various aspects of the interaction between TAC-T cells and the immune system which is necessary for TAC safety/toxicity evaluation. Besides, our laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, have successfully developed many preclinical trial tests on animal subjects, such as mice and rat models.

TAC Preclinical Research

T cell therapies have been considered a promising approach for the treatment of various diseases. These technologies have been evaluated in various preclinical research. Creative Biolabs can provide a series of research that begins before clinical trials in humans. The main purpose of this platform is to help our clients evaluate the TAC-T cells safety profile and then determine the safe dose in the clinical trial. In principle, TAC acute toxicity tests should be tested in at least two animal species, and short-term and long-term toxicity studies should be carried on different assays, such as cellular and biochemical assays. Creative Biolabs has outlined various protocols which focusing on optimizing TAC-T cell capabilities, fostering preclinical trial innovation as well as animal modeling and simulation. Our priority is providing you with the best solutions for your projects in an easy, seamless, and efficient manner.

Three ways to genetically engineer T cells to confer specificity for tumor-associated antigens.Fig.1 Three ways to genetically engineer T cells to confer specificity for tumor-associated antigens. (Restifo, 2012)

Our TAC Engineered T Cell Preclinical Trial Services

Creative Biolabs has a strong track record of providing laboratory testing and in vivo services required by customers - state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staffs who are easy to work with, expertise in mitigating the uncertainty of the process and a keen mind to guide sponsors through regulatory hurdles, as well as extensive experience in medical device testing and drug development.

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts as well as a leading custom service provider in the field of TAC-engineered T cell services. We can provide many flexible services in TAC engineered T cell preclinical trial testing, from which you can always find a better match for your particular project. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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