Surprisingly, there is a movie named Antiviral, but it is a horror movie. The movie told a story about a clinic staff named Syd, reselling celebrities’ live virus to the fans and smuggling the viruses through his own body. sold to fans through his body smuggling virus. As is known, antibody has played a crucial role in the development of biological research and an increasing number of scientists have made many efforts in such field, with great achievements. Now that it’s so important for people, there are more specific details should be discussed to help improve its further development in more realms.

1Generally speaking, compared with human beings and other mammals, llama’s immune system is very different but effectively. With smaller antibody in vivo, llama antibody is helpful in many viruses. And because of the specific feature, llama possesses stronger immunity upon some deadly diseases, such as FMD, rinderpest, and so on. Additionally, llama has fewer risks to get infected with tetanus. In this way, llama antibody has been introduced to the laboratory test tube for various researches, such as nanobody, antigens, and some other aspects.

Considering the massive medical potential of normal antibodies, they have been used in many biological realms. However, their large protein volume is a problem, which is also the reason why some research groups stress the development of small antibody version. With small volume, llama is unique. Moreover, with the help of llama’s antigen protein, smaller proteins can be produced, and achieve greater success when combined with nanobody. In fact, llama antibody has stimulated some professional scientists to make use of nanobody for the aim of curing the avian influenza. And compared with most conventional monoclonal antibody drugs, llama antibody can be helpful in the large-scale bacterial fermentation, which is easier to get popularized as well.

Based on the details discussed above, llama antibody, with its unique immune system, has pointed out a way for scientists to produce revolutionary new drugs, which also promotes the development of biotechnology to a large degree.