It’s clear to know that antibody is the major reagent to complete immunohistochemical staining. It is usually divided into two categories: primary antibody and secondary antibody. In terms of the two kinds of antibodies, primary antibody is particularly important. With the rapid development of modern antibody, nowadays a variety of specific antibodies have been introduced into the markets both at home and abroad, as well as a large number of marketing companies. Thus, more and more users prefer to choose commercially available ready-made goods directly.

antibody precautionsObviously, experiments on the detection of antibody have to be payed more attention. Therefore, precautions are required here. As is known, the quality of antibody is a crucial element to complete the immunohistochemistry work, which can be achieved in two approaches. First, commercial antibodies should be obtained from the markets as a main source. However, sometimes there may be no corresponding antibodies can be purchased for the investigation or confirmation of new antigen components. In this way, researchers should prepare antiserum on their own. Certainly, they can also find some necessary information from the literature or ask the authors directly. In principle, commercialized antibody with a high-dilution staining, low background, stable results and reliable repetition should be chosen firstly. At present, antibody for IHC research and diagnose has developed to a higher level, with massive sorts and manufactures. Thus, different manufactures might possess a different price with the same antibody. In addition, the packaging or optimal working concentration is quite different as well, which might cause a bigger difference. Given the fact, researchers had better listen to experts with more practical experience, as well as the consideration of the species of antibody.

Taking into account of those reliable researches in antibody, it needs more efforts while conducting experiments. In fact, antibody technology has developed in a diverse directions, such as single domain antibody, monoclonal antibody, de novo antibody sequencing, antibody mRNA sequencing, and so on. To put it simply, these precautions are necessary in antibody experiments because only in this way will there be few practical problems such as tool issue. Remember these precautions for experimental study on the detection of antibody.