As is already known, antibody has played an important role in the design of modern new drugs. And nanobody might be applied in more new research realms as well. In recent years, some cases indicate the fact that some certain patients could produce strong antibody reaction after being infected by HIV. However, the real reason of such phenomenon has been kept unknown.

20070924224229566Clearly, those professional researchers are crucial to help conduct a further analysis about such issue. In fact, the research of AIDS on Nature Medicine has ever described a relevant case. A special variation of virus’ outer part on two HIV-infected women from South Africa has been found to make stronger antibody. And it can kill a large number of HIV types around the whole world. This breakthrough discovery has been beneficial in helping people develop a new kind of AIDS vaccine. Through a long-term continuous study on the two women, researchers have found a sensitive virus site, namely a kind of sugar molecule called glycan on the surface of HIV virus. This particular virus site will make the two women have a broad neutralizing antibody reaction.

A doctor who participated in this study has explained the problem by saying the HIV virus that has infected many people does not possess an antibody target, but after a period of time the body’s immune system would lay pressures on such virus to make it add the sugar molecule. And after that, a sensitive virus site will be formed, which can allow people to develop a relevant antibody to attack vulnerable sites. In this study, researchers have also found a possible mechanism for the manufacture of these antibodies. For this reason, they have studied the target of certain antibodies, namely a sort of sugar molecule on the surface of proteins. After conducting a specific analysis about the HIV virus, the special vulnerability of the two HIV-infected women is missing.

However, there are still some challenges for the successful application of strong antibody, such as the actual detection of sensitive virus site. Thus, more efforts should be done to improve the researching status to a better side.