images (2)Resent years, DNA immunization technology is quite hot in the field of biotechnology. It has been proved to have great significance in improving the effectiveness of immune procedure. Confronting with this brand new trend of development, pharmaceutical companies are, with different approaches, expanding their business in this realm.

Scientists and researchers from Creative Biolabs have developed Direct Antibody Technology™ (DAT) to produce custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

As a highly optimized service, this DNA immunization technology relies on a proprietary genetic immunization procedure utilizing plasmid DNA encoding the target protein of interest. The immunized hosts then produce the encoded protein and raise antibodies in vivo.

23In order to succeed in genetic immunization, the cDNA-encoded protein must be secreted by the transfected cells in immunized animals or expressed on the surface of the transfected cells. Creative Biolabs directly introduces the gene in the form of a cDNA into an animal, which translates this cDNA into protein so as to stimulate an immune response against the foreign protein. As a result, synthesis and purification of protein immunogens are not necessary for this genetic immunization approach.

Creative Biolabs’ Direct Antibody Technology™ maximizes the likelihood of producing and maintaining the native structure of the antigen. The foremost advantage of this antibody production approach is its high success rate in generation of high-affinity antibodies recognizing membrane proteins in their native conformation, unknown proteins, toxic proteins, insoluble proteins, proteins containing disulfide bonds, post-translational modified proteins, or large protein domains. Learn more about Direct Antibody Technology™.