Creative Biolabs, a biotech company specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services that cover the full scope of biotechnology needs, announces that Creative Biolabs and In-Cell-Art (ICA) worked together to achieve a satisfactory result for a challenging antibody discovery project of Virbac, a global independent pharmaceutical company dedicated to animal health. As a part of Virbac’s in vitro program, this project focuses on discovering unique antibodies against a confidential target.

UX)1}NBS99D9VS~LG`F{`{2In this collaboration, ICA took in charge of the DNA immunization stage, starting from DNA sequence optimization, synthesis, subcloning to ICA’s proprietary plasmid, amplification, purification, quality control, Nanotaxi® formulation, and the immunization of chosen animals. The figure below is the schematic presentation of this DNA immunization program.


Along with the immunizations been completed by ICA, Creative Biolabs was contracted by Virbac to discovery specific monoclonal antibodies through its Magic™ Antibody Discovery Platform. To meet the specific requirement of this project, Creative Biolabs adopted its advanced advanced phage display technology using extracted RNA sent from ICA to construct an immune antibody library for specific antibody isolation. This one-stop service covers phage display library construction, biopanning, single clone validation, DNA sequencing and quality control to discover specific antibodies against the interested antigen in the monoclonal format. A simple sketch of this process is shown below.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a professional service provider in developing highly specific, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies from all popular antibody production species, including rabbit, chicken, llama, camel, alpaca, cow, dog, mouse, rat, sheep, monkey, human, and even shark. Creative Biolabs also has years of experience in raising functional monoclonal antibodies against multiple-pass membrane proteins, haptens, and other challenging antigens. To meet the various specific demands of monoclonal antibody generation, Creative Biolabs has launched a series of advanced technologies:

Phage Display Library Construction and Screening

Creative Biolabs is able to construct immune antibody libraries and isolate monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity. Antibody libraries are constructed by the genomic information coding for antibody variable domains, which can be derived from B cells of immune or naïve donors. High-quality libraries with the diversity of over 108 can be achieved. Through utilizing the appropriate biopanning strategy, high-affinity antibodies against the interested antigen can then be selected. It is one of the best approaches to raising monoclonal antibodies, especially from species that do not have hybridoma technology available.

Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform

Other than the advanced phage display technology, Creative Biolabs also provides the Native™ antibody discovery platform based on single B cell sorting. This unique technique allowing the discovery of naïve paired monoclonal antibodies with all primary antibody gene clusters from plasma and memory B cells of a wide range of species. Furthermore, the retrieved native antibodies have gone through in vivo affinity maturation which reveal extremely high in vivo specificity and affinity. It is now considered to be the best methods to raise high-affinity monoclonal antibodies for diagnostics and/or therapeutic antibody development.


In terms of the conventional hybridoma technology, Creative Biolabs offers the revolutionary Omni-Hybridoma™ platform to ensure a large number of hybridoma clones can be selected after each cell fusion. This approach is also a reliable method to generate antibodies that meet generation needs. In addition to the common mouse or rat hybridoma, Creative Biolabs can also apply this technology to generate hamster and guinea pig mAbs.

Screening of Pre-made Libraries

For antigens that do not have an immune response in animals or cannot be applied to animals, Creative Biolabs can screen multiple pre-made naïve and synthetic libraries (e.g. human antibody library, premade single domain antibody library) to isolate specific antibodies against the antigen. On the basis of great biopanning strategies, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive expertise, scientists of Creative Biolabs can tailor the most appropriate strategies to screen the interested libraries of the clients.