Creative Biolabs, a biotech company specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services, announces a novel strategy of developing membrane protein antibodies with MagicTM Nanodiscs-based membrane protein purification service.

With years of experience in membrane protein antibody production, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed MagicTM Nanodiscs-based membrane protein purification method, a comparatively new approach of antigen preparation for anti-membrane protein antibody discovery projects.

Membrane-Protein-Purification-Using-NanodiscsMagicTM Nanodiscs are phospholipid bilayer membrane structures composed of membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) and phospholipid molecules. Through this special design, membrane protein can be integrated into MagicTM Nanodiscs, preserving their natural structure and biological activity which provides a powerful technical support for membrane protein research. This new technology is considered extremely promising to overcome the biggest bottlenecks in membrane protein research. In particular, MagicTM Nanodiscs are powerful tools to reconstitute the most challenging membrane proteins such as GPCRs. The complete assembly allows the access to intracellular and extracellular interfaces of the protein physiologically. MagicTM Nanodiscs can be applied to custom membrane protein antibody, analyze antagonists and conformational dynamics, characterize crystallization, as well as study ligand binding and protein interaction or activation.

“We now have two methods to reconstitute membrane proteins into MagicTM Nanodiscs”, said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs, “assembling the membrane proteins solubilized in the detergent and combing MagicTM Nanodiscs with cell-free expression systems”.

Assemble the membrane proteins solubilized in the detergent

Solubilize and purify the membrane proteins with a suitable detergent, following which membrane scaffold proteins and phospholipids are added into the mixture. After that, the MagicTM Nanodiscs containing the membrane proteins will assemble automatically.

Combine MagicTM Nanodiscs with cell-free expression systems

Express the membrane proteins in a cell-free system with the addition of pre-assembled MagicTM Nanodiscs that contains the integrated membrane proteins. In the method, the detergent is not needed. Moreover, the cell-free expression systems provide the possibility to introduce modifications into membrane proteins, such as biotinylation or isotope labelling.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a professional biotech service provider in developing highly specific, high-affinity monoclonal antibody from all popular antibody production species, including rabbit, chicken, llama, camel, alpaca, cow, dog, mouse, rat, sheep, monkey, human, and even shark. Creative Biolabs is dedicated in facilitating diagnostic and therapeutic antibody development for clients all over the world.