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Phage Display & Antibody Library Services

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Creative Biolabs is professional in applying phage display technology to generate various phage display peptide, protein, antibody libraries for drug development and antibody discovery purposes. Our services involve the construction and screening of custom phage display libraries. In addition, Creative Biolabs is also well-recognized as a leading provider for a series of phage display based services, such as specific antibody discovery, humanization, caninization, affinity maturation, etc.

Phage display is one of the most widely used laboratory technique for the study of protein-protein, protein-peptide and protein-DNA interactions. This technology is mainly based on the use of filamentous phage which is a kind of virus lives on Escherichia coli and has been proven as a powerful method to interrogate libraries containing millions or even billions of different peptides or proteins. Theoretically, phage display is an exogenous gene expression method which the gene encoding the interest protein is inserted into bacteriophage coat protein gene then displaying the interest protein on the phage surfaces, resulting in a connection between genotype and phenotype. Through DNA manipulation, numerous gene variants can be created and constructed as phage display library. To detect the interaction between displayed protein and those other molecules, phage display library can be screened to against other proteins, peptides or DNA sequences for selecting specific binders.

One of the most successful applications of phage display technology has been the isolation of specific antibodies. As the first proteins which is successfully displayed on the surface of phage, antibody phage display is achieved by fusing the coding sequence of scFv or Fab to the coat protein. Due to the smaller size, scFv libraries are genetically more stable than Fab libraries, while Fab libraries lack the tendency to form higher molecular weight species, such as dimers and trimers, which can simplify the selection and characterization. Through binding the specific target, the interest antibody can then be eluted and retrieved. In this way, Creative Biolabs is able to obtain various kinds of novel antibodies, such as specific monkey (NHP) and canine (dog) monoclonal antibodies and anti-idiotype antibodies.

Creative Biolabs has long-term devoted to the development and application of phage display technology. With years of experience, our scientists have developed several phage display based platforms and tailored hundreds of particular libraries and thousands of specific antibody products to boost our global customers’ research and project goals. We are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products to satisfy each individual demand from our customers.

Phage Display & Antibody Library Services
Fig. 1 M13 filamentous bacteriophage.

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