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Magic™ Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

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As a pioneer and the undisrupted global leader in antibody discovery and engineering, Creative Biolabs proudly introduces our professional service of anti-membrane protein antibody discovery with our diverse technologies.

Membrane proteins, which consist of 20~30% of total encoding genes in the genome, play a critical role in multiple biological processes, including ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, molecule transportation, intercellular recognition, and cell adhesion. Currently, there rises growing interest regarding the potential of membrane proteins as promising targets for immune therapy development.

To obtain highly functional anti-membrane protein antibodies, accurate expression and presentation of the membrane protein of interest as an antigen is the prerequisite. As most membrane proteins are partially or completely embedded in the lipid bilayer, traditional expression methods meet obstacles in presenting the native conformations, such as low expression level, difficult extraction, misfolding, and incomplete post-translational modification. With a fully understanding of the critical requirements in membrane protein expression, Creative Biolabs has developed a novel Magic™ platform, which enables expression of membrane protein with native conformation with high bioactivity and thus discovers high-quality antibodies against it.

For antigen preparation, Magic™ platform provides following strategies:

Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression
Creative Biolabs has developed a cell-based membrane protein expression system, which can yield membrane proteins of interest from a recombinant plasmid within a living cell. This platform is highly flexible for multiple options of host organisms expression, including bacteria expression, yeast expression, insect cell line expression and mammalian cell line expression.

Membrane Protein Expression Using Liposomes
This system enables direct incorporation of membrane proteins into artificial liposomes during in vitro translation, generating “ready-to-use” proteoliposome for immunization.

Membrane Protein Expression Using Nanodiscs
Nanodisc, a synthetic model that represents near-native membrane environment, is widely used to solubilize and stabilize membrane proteins, especially GPCRs. Creative Biolabs offers two approaches for integrating membrane proteins into nanodiscs: detergent-solubilized procedure and detergent-free procedure.

Virus-like Particles (VLPs) and Lipoparticles
Based on virus-like particles, which resembles the self-assembly of the virus, Creative Biolabs can produce certain membrane proteins in correct conformation. Amplifying retroviral (HIV-1 or MLV) gag protein in 293 or CHO-based EBEE™ technique, our patent technique is able to introduce adequate post-translational modification pattern in the expressed membrane protein.

Membrane Protein Purification
Our seasoned experts are specialized in membrane protein purification services including:

Whole Cell Antigen Presentation
This technology involves creating a stable mammalian cell line that overexpresses the antigens on the cell surface, and subsequent whole cell immunization. This appealing strategy can avoid most major drawbacks of in vitro antigen production.

Native and Functional Membrane Proteins Extraction
Using our native extraction approaches, Creative Biolabs can guarantee native, full-length, stable, and highly purified membrane proteins for antibody development.

Peptide Derived from Extracellular and Intracellular Loops
Well-designed peptide antigens derived from extracellular and intracellular loops of target proteins can raise functional antibodies that recognize the native conformation of many multi-pass integral membrane protein antigens with higher specificity, accessibility, and lower toxicity.

Chimeric Soluble Proteins
Our MPAT™ Multi-spanner Antibody Technology is able to overcome the difficulty of multi-spanner membrane protein expression by replacing the transmembrane domains with a soluble peptide, thereby presenting the antigen as a chimeric soluble protein.

DNA Immunization
As an alternative, Creative Biolabs also provides DNA immunization to discover novel anti-membrane protein antibodies. This technology avoids antigen producing process with preliminary well-characterized protein sequences and maximizes the likelihood of generating and maintaining the native protein structure. It is proved exceptionally effective in developing strong antibody response for the challenging targets.

For anti-membrane protein antibody discovery, Magic™ platform has developed various methods from which you can select a best-fit for your specific project:

Phage Display Technique for Membrane Protein Antibody Production
With our unparalleled Phage Display Platform, Creative Biolabs is professional in tailoring high specific, high-affinity antibodies targeting various membrane proteins. Immune antibody library construction and screening guarantees a large number of high-affinity antibodies to be discovered.

Hybridoma Technique for Membrane Protein Antibody Production
Hybridoma, namely a hybrid of antibody-producing B cell and myeloma cell, is a classic method for monoclonal antibody production. With our proprietary techniques, we can raise hybridomas from mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. Particularly, we introduce our Fully Human Antibody Technology™ (FHAT) service, which can create an immune humanized antibody library by raising hybridomas from premade “humanized” mice.

Native™ Antibody Discovery
Creative Biolabs has established a patent technology Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform in case our clients prefer native antibodies for their research. Based on antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, this platform can isolate single antigen-specific plasma cells to retrieve native antibodies with extremely high in vivo selectivity and affinity.

Premade Library Screening
Notably, Creative Biolabs provides our customers with dozens of premade antibody libraries to save your valuable time. The premade antibody libraries available in Creative Biolabs including but not limited to:
With extensive expertise and unparalleled technologies, we have gained remarkable success in developing hundreds of impeccable antibodies against diverse membrane proteins such as:

If you are interested in discovering novel membrane protein antibodies, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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