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Construction of Xenograft Animal Models

Creative Biolabs is a leading life science service provider that has extensive experience in early, preclinical and clinical stage development of CAR-T cell therapy. Scientists at Creative Biolabs have successfully established one of the world’s largest collections of validated xenograft animal models, covering both hematological malignances and solid tumors. A series of stringent criteria are applied to implement quality control of xenograft models in order to guarantee reliability. We design assay protocols with customers and select the most appropriate methods to advance your CAR-T cell therapy development programs.

Construction of Xenograft Animal Models

Types of murine model for studying human cancers.
Disease Models & Mechanisms 1, 78-82 (2008)

Cell Lines and Human Primary Tumor Cells of Creative Biolabs

Tumor xenografting models involve transplantation of tumor cells of human into another species in order to provide in vivo environment for therapeutic research. To date, it is the most precise and reliable technique for the evaluation of novel cancer therapies before clinical trials. Typically, the construction of an animal model requires the implantation of tumorigenic human cell lines or human primary tumor cells into immunocompromised mice or rats. Creative Biolabs has established more than 200 cell line xenograft animal models. In addition, we are readily able to create cell derived xenograft (CDX) models owing to close collaborations with hospitals around the world and thus easy access to patient primary cancer cells. All cell lines and primary cells are validated of CAR target expression before engrafting. Especially, these cells can also be transfected with luciferase or GFP for in vivo imaging.

Host Animals of Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs provides many types of quality-certified immunocompromised mice such as severely compromised immune deficient (SCID) mice, non-obese diabetic SCID (NOD-SCID) mice, NOD-SCID mice with IL-2 receptor gamma chain null (NSG) for customers to get access to versatile modeling of many areas of human oncology. We are also able to create humanized-xenograft models by co-engrafting tumor cells and bone marrow cells or peripheral blood into NOD-SCID mice, which enables researchers to assess the response of malignant cells to anti-cancer therapies within humanized immune system environment. Rats and non-human primates (NHPs) are also available for xenograft model construction.

Xenografting and Model Validation

Scientists from Creative Biolabs are able to perform exquisite tumor xenografting procedures to generate customized animal models. After bio-irradiation conditioning in some cases, tumor cells are injected subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, or intravenously to set up different tumor models such as subcutaneous tumor models, orthotopical tumor models, metastasis models, and disseminated models for each particular requirement. The animal models are validated by techniques such as in vivo imaging and FACS analysis.

Typical Work Flow of Xenograft Animal Model Construction

Typical Work Flow of Xenograft Animal Model Construction

All our experiments are performed by well-trained and experienced technicians in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility. We are dedicated to providing the best-characterized models and services for immunotherapy development in the process of IND application.

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