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Oncolytic Virus Biodistribution Study

The biodistribution assay of an oncolytic virus is equal to the PK study of a small molecular drug development. Since the pharmacokinetics of biological drugs are different from those of small molecular drugs, specific assays must be developed for biological drugs, such as oncolytic virus. The biodistribution study is directly related to oncolytic virus efficacy, off-target effects, and immunogenicity, which is the first step to analyze virus distribution, target specificity and pharmacodynamics. Scientists in Creative Biolabs have developed efficient methods to study the biodistribution of oncolytic virus in vivo.

To investigate the oncolytic virus shredding, efficacy and toxicity, biodistribution analysis of oncolytic virus in the circulatory system, such as blood, respiratory system, urinary system is essential. The biodistribution in these systems varies according to the administration route, dosage, and time. Virus titer plaque or qPCR methods can be used for this purpose.

Oncolytic Virus Biodistribution Study

Biodistribution in target organs is directly related to efficacy studies of oncolytic virus. Biodistribution will be monitored according to the administrate route, dosage, time, and the location of target organs or remote areas. Virus titer plaque or qPCR methods can be used for this purpose.

Biodistribution in vital organs, such as heart, brain, liver, etc. are related to the toxicity study of oncolytic viral therapy. The virus infection of these vital organs may induce severe organ malfunction, and even death. HSV can keep latency in neuronal system. Monitoring the biodistribution of oncolytic virus in these vital organs facilitates to assess the safety of oncolytic viral therapy.

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