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Oncolytic Virus Therapy Development

Oncolytic virotherapy is a cancer treatment using a native or reprogrammed virus that has the potential to targeting and killing cancerous cells. Since the first attempt of using virus to treat tumor patient in 1900s, oncolytic virus has been extensively and deeply studied in the field of virotherapy for over one hundred years as a promising therapeutic. Benefiting from the development of recombinant DNA technology, a dramatic progress has been made on oncolytic virus field.

Taking advantage of the OncoVirapy™ platform, Creative Biolabs provides customized, standardized, reliable and high-quality oncolytic virus therapy development services for clients globally. Our service covers all aspects from virus engineering, cell biology to animal testing with a special emphasis on virus engineering and in vitro and in vivo validation. Various types of oncolytic viruses engineering systems have been established in-house to facilitate oncolytic virus development with less time and reduced budget. GMP-compliant manufacture of oncolytic virus is also included in our services.

Oncolytic Virus Therapy Development

Featured Oncolytic Virus Early Development Categories

Oncolytic Virus Construction

During the development of OncoVirapy™ platform, we extensively study the nature of various viruses in which the developability, tropism, potential oncolytic function and clinical application are all taken into consideration. To date, we have already established a specified oncolytic virus construction process for different kinds of species, such as Adenovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Measles Virus, Vaccinia Virus, Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, and Adeno-Associated Virus. Creative Biolabs is able to provide various oncolytic viruses of different species specific to different types of tumors.

Oncolytic Virus Engineering

By combining the major mechanism of actions of oncolytic virus, including direct lysis, activation of immune system and expression of transgenes, we have already developed diverse engineering methods to make full use of natural properties of various viruses, and already developed therapeutic methods. Also, the signaling pathway of molecular mechanism in cancerous tumor formation is another important factor that affects the research and development of specific oncolytic virotherapy. With significant background on immunotherapy development, Creative Biolabs can provide an in-depth optimization of the oncolytic virus to enhance the tumor targeting, tumor lysis, and effectiveness of priming anticancer immunity.

Oncolytic Virus Validation

Another crucial step is pre-clinical study. To ensure a comprehensive R&D process, we will design in vitro and in vivo validation studies for each developed oncolytic virus based upon the properties of targeting disease, characteristics of virus, mechanism of actions and so on. Based on the validation result, the established oncolytic virotherapy can be further optimized for safer and enhanced anticancer effect.

Disease-specific Oncolytic Virotherapy Development

In the past 15 years, the field of oncolytic virotherapy has been through significant growth, showing a lot of promising result in clinical research. Oncolytic virus is an anticancer reagent that can replicate in lysis malignant cells while leaving the healthy cells uninfected. In general, there are mainly three approaches: the oncolytic virus is able to be used in cancer treatment; some oncolytic viruses are intrinsically able to exploit the cellular defects that promote tumor growth; some oncolytic viruses can be designed to take advantage of frequent tumor-specific mutations in antiviral defense programs, or be engineered to be dependent on signaling pathway that are constitutively activated in tumors. The third one is based on the expression of antigens that are specific on tumor cell surface. Therefore, it is essential to take both the cancer immunology and characteristics of selected viruses into account when developing disease-specific oncolytic virotherapy strategy.

Oncolytic Virus Therapy Development

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