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Oncolytic Virus in vivo Preclinical Study

Creative Biolabs offers a variety of in vivo preclinical studies services for engineered oncolytic virus. In order to prove safety and efficacy of engineered oncolytic virus, in vivo prove-of-concept assays must include but are not limited to construction of xenograft/syngeneic animal models, immunogenicity tests, biodistribution/PK tests, efficacy, and toxicology studies.

Oncolytic viruses can specifically lyze tumor cells instead of healthy cells. Different oncolytic viruses will have different safety, tumor sensitivity and toxicity. Host innate and adapt immune systems have developed different mechanism to restrict the function of oncolytic viral therapy in vivo. Oncolytic viruses have been tested in different clinical trials and toxicity and efficacy has been different depending on the administration route and dosage. Therefore, preclinical in vivo assessment of the toxicity and efficacy of oncolytic viral therapy is essential for oncolytic virus development.

Creative Biolabs has developed different preclinical in vivo assays for different oncolytic virus development. Both murine and human cancer models can be used to validate the toxicity and efficacy in immuno-competent or immuno-compromised mouse models or even non-human primate models. The in vivo preclinical efficacy and toxicity data performed in our GLP labs are suitable for Investigational New Drug (IND) application. Our experienced scientists will help you design the best assays for customized oncolytic viral therapy.

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Oncolytic Virus in vivo Preclinical Study

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