Cancer immunotherapy is a therapy used to treat cancer patients that involves components of the immune system, commonly consisting of antibodies, vaccines, T cell infusions, and so like. Creative Biolabs is at the leading edge of medicine development and biopharmacological research who has practiced a series of different strong modalities for novel immunotherapies. We’re committed to accelerating small molecule discovery and antibody development programs in all clinical settings to help clients win the race in changeable tumor microenvironments.

Multiple Modalitie Services at Creative Biolabs

Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)

As the most advanced applications of monoclonal antibody (mAb), ADC technology combines the specificity of antibodies, novel linker systems, and powerful cell-killing agents to fight cancers and increase outcomes for patients. Although simple in concept, the success of an ADC depends on careful optimization of each building block, antibody, payload, and linker. Creative Biolabs has a comprehensive portfolio of products to meet ADC manufacturing needs and can provide dedicated equipment to characterize the purity, homogeneity and stability of ADC.

Bispecific Antibody (BsAb)

BsAb is the next generation of antibody therapeutics that combines two or more antigen-recognizing elements into a single architecture, able to bind to two or more target cells simultaneously. It accounts for a theory that more than one pathway is usually at the root of disease. Creative Biolabs owns advanced recombinant antibody technology and many powerful technology platforms, such as Triomab/quadroma, knobs-into-holes (KIH), asymmetric re-engineering (ART) technology, etc., for various BsAb formats as required like DART, nanobody, κλ-BODY, DVD-Ig, SEEDbody, TrioMab, etc.

Antibody Engineering

The goal of antibody engineering is to combine various antibody domains to generate customized antibodies that show specialized binding properties, optimal half-lives and desirable effector functions. Antibody V regions (VH and VL) from a specific antibody can be reformatted into a variety of different fragments including IgG, Fab, F(ab)’2, scFv, VHH, CARs, minibodies, and so on. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to the field of antibody engineering for decades and has established antibody reformatting platforms producing high-quality antibodies for therapeutic use.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T Cells

CAR is a type of engineered receptor that can transfer a random specificity onto an immune effector cell, termed T cells. CAR-T cell therapy is devised to redirect a donor’s T cells to specifically target and destroy tumor cells, which, in recent clinical responses, indicates great promise for improved outcomes in relapsed diffuse large b-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma, and chronic/acute lymphocytic leukemia. As a reliable provider with extensive experience of immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs possesses one of the largest collection of CAR-T products and devotes to developing and innovating CAR-T cell technologies to assist drug tests and clinical trials.

Cancer Vaccines

There are multiple therapeutic cancer vaccine strategies including cell-based vaccines, antigen-based vaccines, vector-based vaccines, and so like. The challenge in developing excellent anti-tumor vaccines is to select a specific antigen, often a protein molecule expressed only by cancer cells to avoid widespread autoimmunity. At Creative Biolabs, there are a variety of vaccine strategies and target antigens under development or being evaluated in diverse malignancies and clinical settings. We are able to design cancer vaccines increasing tumor-specific immune responses and enable their qualities of well tolerated and minimal side effects.

Oncolytic Virus (OV)

OV is a class of virus that selectively replicate in and kill tumor cells, while remaining the normal tissue uninfected. In addition to oncolysis activity, it is also very effective at inducing immune responses against tumor cells. Furthermore, OV can act as in situ vaccines, and can be combined with other immunotherapies (i.e. immune-checkpoint inhibitor, engineered T cell (CAR-T and TCR-T), bispecific antibody, or chemotherapies). Creative Biolabs provides standardized OV therapy development services for clients globally using OncoVirapy™ platform, which covers all aspects from virus engineering, cell biology to animal testing.

As well, Creative Biolabs would like to provide many other cells or genetic therapeutic options targeting neoplasms during distinct clinical stages. If there is any query, please contact us for more details.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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