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Creative Biolabs offers unique and unrivaled expertise in the research, development, validation and multi-gram manufacture of therapeutic antibodies and proteins. Our scientific knowledge provides the full process of the mAb project from early development to successful manufacturing.

Application Prospect

Over the decades, the therapeutic antibody has been successfully introduced into drug libraries for treating patients, with fierce innovation in antibody production and engineering. Antibody engineering involves the introduction of antibody binding sites (variable regions) into a series of structures that further influence treatment characteristics, thus achieving further advantages and success in patient treatment.

Fig.1 Structural model of a human IgG1

Our experienced team can effectively shorten the clinical batch time of the monoclonal antibody development project. The service modules we provide cover the whole process from antibody discovery to development and optimization.

Process Overview:

Creative Biolabs provides custom selection conditions to achieve the highest specificity and to address complex issues such as difficult target antigens or human/rat cross-reactions. We provide the following antibody customization services, but not limited to these:

  • ScFv
  • Fab
  • VHH
  • IgG

Prominent Feature

Based on our comprehensive range of capabilities, we are able to meet all of your mAb process development requirements:

  • We offer an efficient transient transfection platform: HEK and CHO cells, ideal for proof-of-concept and antibody screening programmes.
  • We provide comprehensive monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development services in the fields of antigen design, peptide synthesis and recombinant protein production.
  • Searching service for the sequence or accession number of the protein
  • Offering the best possible epitope for antibody generation.
  • Our antibody process development service fits customer demands for fast-track process development.

Tell us what you need and we will provide a guide to project cost estimates and timelines as soon as possible so that you can plan your next steps after the service is completed. Contact us or send us a query directly.


  1. Chiu M L; Gilliland G L. Engineering antibody therapeutics.[J]. Current Opinion in Structural Biology. 2016, 38: 163-173.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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