Creative Biolabs has been a leader in the field of immunotherapy and can provide you professional service for each step from basic research to drug discovery and development. During all the phases, development plays a vital role in building the bridge from discovery to manufacture for economic competitiveness. We successfully established a broad range of development and manufacture platforms for various immunotherapies including therapeutic monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, antibody drug conjugate, other therapeutic protein product, cellular therapy, etc.

Our Development Services

To facilitate the marketing of your biological products, Creative Biolabs has established one of the most experienced and largest development team to ensure we have the capabilities to assist your project in an efficient and cost-effective way. Our development services include cell line development, cell culture process development, purification development to ensure your products have high productivity, purity, good characteristics, etc. to facilitate later manufacturing. Our world-class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing facilities have laid a solid foundation for the production of biologics including monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, antibody drug conjugate, other therapeutic protein product, cellular therapy, etc. Large bioreactor capacity and GMP manufacture of clinical-and-commercial-scale biological products are available at Creative Biolabs. We offer manufacturing process development, quality control, and cGMP manufacturing services to our clients. For detailed information, please visit the following modules.


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Cell Line Development

Offer an end-to-end cell line development service including cell line construction, analysis, validation, cell banking, etc...

Cell Banking

Offer a series of cell banks including ones used for the manufacture of commercially available therapeutics ...

Cell Line Characterization

To ensure the safety of biological products with the aim of confirming the identity, purity, genetic stability and tumorigenicity of cell lines...

Cell Culture Process Development

Offer state-of-the-art cell culture development to maximize expression, improve reproducibility and facilitate scale-up...

Purification Development

Offer downstream purification development to optimize yields, improve purity, as well as provide a robust, scalable, reproducible process...

Formulation Development

We offer comprehensive formulation development services for biologics in both liquid dosage forms and lyophilized powders...

Process Development

Provide a wide range of bioprocessing development service to help mitigate risk of scale-up....

Analytical and Bioassay Quality Control

Offer a full laboratory service of regulatory compliant testing for analytical, bioassay services...

Contamination Testing

Offer a wide range of contamination testing for the detection of mycoplasma and bacterial contaminants etc.

Viral Clearance Studies

Provide a comprehensive virus clearance service that spans all stages of the development, manufacture and release of biological products....

Biosafety Testing

Learn more about cGMP and GLP biosafety testing services...

Lot Release Testing

We are dedicated to comprehensive lot release testing services...

Stability Analysis

To promote the development of biologics, we provide stability analysis to ensure the quality and stability of drug substance...

Highlight Features

  • Extensive experience in developing customized development services to fit your unique needs;
  • Biopharmaceutical developmental capabilities in compliance with cGMP;
  • Accelerate the development of biological products from discovery to final product release;
  • Timely and tailored development services to support cGMP biologics manufacturing;
  • Ensure consistency, quality and integrity of cell and viral banks.

Utilizing the highest qualified platforms and technicians, Creative Biolabs is quite experienced in those technologies used in cell line development, characterization, cell culture, purification, formulation development, manufacturing, etc. We provide flexible options for you. Any requirements, please feel free to contact us for further communication about your project.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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