PROTACs are an emerging technique to target the “undruggable” proteins, such as transcription factors and non-enzymatic proteins. The major parts of PROTACs are two ligands, one binds to the protein target of interest, and the other binds an E3 ligase. Although usually either Cereblon or Von Hippel-Lindau is applied as the E3 protein, in principle, our human genome encodes more than 600 E3 ligases. The minimal number of the specific ligands to these E3 proteins should be equal to the number of E3 ligases. Meanwhile, various ligands can be used to specifically bind to corresponding target proteins and recruit these proteins to the E3 ligase. Creative Biolabs provides E3 ligase ligands, ligand-linker conjugates, target ligands, and intact PROTAC molecules to makes it possible to develop a vast array of PROTACs for drug discovery.

For research only, do not provide service directly to individuals.
Type: Target ligand
Size: 5 mg
Physical State: Powder
Type: E3 ligase ligand
Size: 5 mg
Physical State: Lyophilized white powder
Type: Ligand-linker conjugate
Size: 10 mg
Physical State: Lyophilized white powder
dBET1(CAT#: PRLG-004)
Datasheet INQUIRY
Type: PROTAC molecule
Size: 5 mg
Physical State: Lyophilized white powder

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