Custom sdAb Screening Services

Thanks to a longstanding presence in the market of sdAb development and our well-established screening platform, Creative Biolabs is the right partner to navigate the sdAb screening challenges. Focused on the field of sdAb discovery and development, we will use our skills to offer innovative and sophisticated sdAb screening services tailored to our customers’ exact needs.

Custom sdAb Screening at Creative Biolabs

Combining sdAb libraries with powerful screening methods has led to a multitude of generated sdAbs. A suitable selection procedure to retrieve the best possible sdAbs from a diverse library is needed to tailor the sdAb for its final application; retrieval of sdAb binders by screening is the preferred method, as screening allows selection for binders with the highest affinities. Some new selection and display technologies are becoming available and may further improve the selection speed. These binders can be generated, and their properties can be improved.

To select interested sdAbs with high affinity and specificity, scientists at Creative Biolabs can offer high-quality screening service for our customers all over the world. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in providing highly customized screening strategies for novel sdAb discovery. We have overcome a great deal of challenging targets (e.g., membrane proteins, small molecules, haptens, peptides, and PTM-modified peptides) and selected specific sdAbs successfully with affinity from nM to pM.


Focusing on the different target property and our customers' specific project purpose, our scientists are pleased to employ the most suitable screening strategies to achieve your goals, including but not limited to:


Creative Biolabs can also provide additional strategies based on your demands and specific project purposes, or follow the strategy provided by your side. To perform a successful screening process, it is essential to understand not only the properties of the screening target but also the expectation of desired binders. Achieving specific goals may require different types of screening experiments, especially when treating with challenging targets. Our experts are dedicated to tailoring and optimizing every detailed section to facilitate the screening.

In all cases, antigen-specific sdAbs can be retrieved from sdAb libraries by phage display or other selection protocols such as yeast display. With over ten years’ extensive experience and advanced screening platforms, scientists at Creative Biolabs are confident in the discovery of novel drugs by custom sdAb screening for our customers all over the world. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help you develop sdAbs for your further application.

All services are provided for research purposes only. Our services cannot be used for clinical or therapeutic applications.

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