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Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are professional in applying multiple technologies and advanced platform to assist a broad range of sdAb-related projects. As sdAbs present great potential in both therapeutic and diagnostic realm, our scientists are pleased to provide professional sdAb production and manufacture services to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Custom Recombinant sdAb Production

As a part of our one-stop sdAb development package, scientists in Creative Biolabs have conducted a great deal of sdAb production with various requirements and modification. To generate the most suitable format of single domain antibodies, our scientists can take advantages of different constructs, expression systems, fusion tags, and labels that can contribute to your project purpose in the best manner. We can also provide high-quality production under GLP and GMP standard upon your request. Some popular construct formats include but are not limited to:

  • sdAb-6×His via prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-Fc Fusion via eukaryotic system.
  • sdAb-biotin via eukaryotic system.
  • Bi-specific sdAb via eukaryotic system.
  • sdAb-DsbC-6×His tag via prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-SUMO-6×His tag via prokaryotic system.
  • sdAb-Alexa 488 via prokaryotic system.

Depending on the special requirements of your project, our scientists will work closely with you to design and perform the best-fit procedure to meet your expectation in the quality, timeline, and budget.

Construction of single domain antibody.

Cell Line Construction for Stable sdAb Manufacture

The construction of stable expression cell line with high yield is a crucial factor for the large-scale manufacture of single domain antibody. The whole generation cycle can be divided into three steps: target gene delivery, stable clones screening, and stability test. To customized high-quality stable cell lines, Creative Biolabs has built up a well-established system, which has contributed to a series of perfect stable cell lines construction for our clients’ manufactured demands.


  • High reproducibility and yield of over g/L
  • One-stop service with full customization
  • High-efficient cell line with high stability

Cell line construction procedure.

Beyond that, our scientists are pleased to start the production procedure with provided in silico sdAb sequence from our clients. We can meet your general production demands via high-efficiency transient transfection or generate high-yield stable cell line for large-scale manufacture purpose. We can also provide a series of sdAb development and sdAb characterization solutions to assist your further project improvement.

Creative Biolabs is always dedicated to assisting our clients with the most satisfactory sdAb related solutions. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for more details.

1. Q: Which kinds of expression systems are available for sdAb production?

A variety of expression systems can be used for sdAb production, including bacterial expression system (e.g. E. coli), yeast expression systems (e.g. Saccharomyces and Pichia), mammalian expression systems, and plant systems. Expression in E. coli is more commonly used at the initial research phase, while system used for large-scale industrial applications usually depends on the final design of sdAb candidates.

2. Q: Do you control the endotoxin level for the final product?

As most of sdAb production processes are conducted through E. coli system, we do not control the endotoxin level as default. If you have specific demands for the endotoxin level or plan to use the product in vivo, please let us know before the project starts. We can then involve an extra endotoxin removal stage to achieve your goals.

3. Q: Will the produced sdAb contain any tag?

Yes, the produced sdAb will contain a 6×His tag in general for purification. We can involve other tags upon your request.

4. Q: Which buffer is used to formulate the produced sdAb?

For regular recombinant sdAb, we use PBS buffer for formulation. We can employ other buffers to meet your specific requirements.

5. Q: Will you offer the expression vector of the produced clone?

In general, we do not offer expression vector. Because Creative Biolabs usually generates the recombinant sdAb through our proprietary expression vector, which cannot be disclosed in any form.

While if you indeed would like to obtain the expression vector, let us know before the project starts, then we can fit this request. What we can do is using commercially available vectors instead of our proprietary ones during the production.

6. Q: Which kinds of QC methods are available at Creative Biolabs?

The default QC approaches will include ELISA-based binding test, SDS-PAGE, and affinity measurement. We can also provide extra tests upon your request (charge accordingly), which including but not limited to WB, cell-based binding assay, and HPLC.

For further characterization demands, please visit our Specific sdAb Characterization page for more details.

7. Q: Do you offer sdAb engineering services?

Of course, Creative Biolabs can provide a series of sdAb development processes to meet your demands, please visit our Novel sdAb Development page for more details.

Deliverables of Production & Manufacture Stage

1. Project report or COA of the selected clone(s).
2. Purified sdAb or constructed stable cell line (according to your actual demand).

All services are provided for research purposes only. Our services cannot be used for clinical or therapeutic applications.

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