Single Domain Antibody Discovery & Development

With over 10 years’ extensive experience and advanced technology platforms, Creative Biolabs devotes to provide the most appropriate solutions for novel single domain antibody discovery and development projects. Our scientists are pleased to tailor the best-fit proposal to achieve the project objective.

One-Stop sdAb Solutions

Creative Biolabs can support novel sdAb development through a series of comprehensive one-stop procedures, which can achieve your goals efficiently and conveniently.

Specific sdAb Characterization

Creative Biolabs assists a variety of sdAb characterization projects for our customers all over the world.

Novel sdAb Development

Creative Biolabs provides a variety of engineering and optimization solutions with sophisticated design, which contribute to extending the property and application of sdAb candidates.

Custom sdAb Production and Manufacture

Creative Biolabs provides professional sdAb production and manufacture solutions for our clients all over the world.

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