One-Stop Solution for Anti-Membrane Protein sdAb Development

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on single domain antibody (sdAb) discovery and development. Based on our deep understanding of various membrane proteins, our scientists have built up one-stop solutions to generate high-quality single domain antibodies that can properly recognize the target membrane protein for our customers all over the world.

Membrane Protein - A Class of the Most Important & Challenging Targets for Antibody Development

In most cancer diseases, therapeutic targets are cell surface molecules which are predominantly comprised of membrane proteins. Membrane protein is a class of targets that are composed of a wide range of structurally and functionally diverse proteins involved in a variety of important physiological and homeostatic processes, such as:

In terms of the ability to activate/block the downstream function or promote the analysis of 3D structure, antibodies that can direct against target membrane proteins have played critical roles as either therapeutic/diagnostic agents or research tools. However, membrane protein is also one of the most challenging targets to generate high-quality antibodies, and the limitations usually include: 1) the challenge of designing and producing properly antigen that can mimic the epitopes of naïve membrane proteins; 2) homology issues which may cause immunological tolerance; 3) potential steric issues caused by the multi-pass membrane proteins, in which some epitopes cannot be reached by conventional antibodies.

Developing High-Quality Anti-Membrane Protein sdAb at Creative Biolabs

Fortunately, Creative Biolabs has solutions to overcome all these limitations by using sdAb instead of the full-length IgG or other antibody fragments. sdAb is a unique antibody format that consists of a single monomeric variable domain without CH domain or light chain in conventional Fab region. It is usually generated from camelid or cartilaginous fishes, which indicate relatively low homology for most of the membrane proteins associated with therapeutic targets. Taking advantages of the small size, high stability, and great penetrability, sdAb can carry the task to recognize even the most cryptic epitopes. In the meantime, our scientists have also integrated our Magic™ membrane protein platform and DNA immunization strategy into the profiles, which can offer comprehensive solutions for antigen design and preparation. Therefore, the development of single domain antibodies against membrane proteins is now highly sought after for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes, and our one-stop solution could be the most efficient option to achieve your purpose with high success rate.

Typical Pathway for Membrane Protein-Specific sdAb Development

Phase I Target Identification
Phase II Discovery
Phase III Characterization
Phase IV Development
Phase V Manufacture

Features of One-Stop Anti-Membrane Protein sdAb Development

With years of experience, our scientists have developed a variety of sdAbs against membrane proteins. We are always pleased to offer the best service and the most qualified outcomes to meet your specific requirements. If you are interested in developing novel sdAbs against the membrane protein of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

All services are for research or R&D purposes only. Not directly for clinical use or any individuals.

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