Single-cell RNA-seq

NGS-based technologies in the study of genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics are now increasingly focused on the characterization of individual cells. These single-cell analyses will allow researchers to uncover new and potentially unexpected biological discoveries relative to traditional profiling methods that assess bulk populations. Single-cell RNA sequencing can reveal complex and rare cell populations, uncover regulatory relationships between genes, and track the trajectories of distinct cell lineages in development.

Single-cell RNA-seq kit in Creative Biolabs produces high-quality NGS libraries and generates a tube of excess amplified cDNA that can be stored for follow-up experiments. The kit is ideally suited for transcript discovery and differential expression from single cell.

Cat Product Name Size Application Datasheet Inquiry
SSR101 SuR-sc Single Cell Kit Single cell RNA sequencing
SSR201 SuR-sc Single Cell Kit V2 Single cell RNA sequencing
SSR301 SuR-sc WTA Kit V2 Single cell RNA sequencing
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