Targeted Sequencing Service for Cancer

Targeted Sequencing Service for Cancer

Creative Biolabs has demonstrated that our SuPrecision™ platform can serve as an accurate and high-throughput gene testing method which is useful in assisting clinical diagnosis of many diseases, especially cancers. We are confident to provide high-quality cancer targeted sequencing service to facilitate our customers’ genomics research.

Targeted Sequencing Service

The Introduction of Targeted Sequencing

Targeted sequencing is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) technique focusing on amplicons and specific genes. It is useful in population genetics since it can target a large diversity of organisms. Targeted sequencing approach incorporates bioinformatics techniques to produce a large amount of data at a fraction of the cost involved in Sanger sequencing. Targeted sequencing is an effective approach to increase the cost-effectiveness of variant discovery and detection. It can be widely used as an efficient way to diagnose various genetic disorders.

Cancer Targeted Sequencing Service at Creative Biolabs

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff, Creative Biolabs has established a cutting-edge SuPrecision™ platform for NGS services. Based on this advanced platform, we can provide the fast and accurate targeted sequencing and bioinformatics analysis service. The process of targeted sequencing consists of DNA extraction and probes designing, target region capture enrichment, amplicon fragmentation, pair-end sequencing and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. You can obtain data of insertions/deletions (INDELS), SNPs, copy number variations (CNVs), and accurate detection of rare variants. Target sequencing is most cost-effective when handling with a large number of samples, which significantly reduces the cost per sample. We are pleased to discuss with you about your project exclusively and pay special attention to it.

Recommended Sequencing Depth:

Mean depth of coverage: ≥ 100x; ≥ 500x is recommended for cancer samples.

We Accept the Following Sample Types for Targeted Sequencing Projects:

  • Frozen cell pellets (mammalian or bacterial)
  • Purified genomic DNA
  • Bacterial colonies
  • PCR amplicons
  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) thin sections (slides)
  • Tissues, blood or swab

Features and Advantages of Targeted Sequencing Include but Are Not Limited to:

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics options
  • Extensive multiplexing flexibility
  • Custom-tailored
  • Highly professional Ph.D. level scientists
  • Availability of the most cutting-edge SuPrecision™ platform

Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in providing cancer targeted sequencing service to all our global customers with comprehensive information in a time-saving manner. For targeted sequencing service, we can provide one-stop solution, from project consultation and experimental design to sequencing and comprehensive targeted sequencing bioinformatics analysis. We are confident in providing clients with the best service at the most competitive cost.

Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

Note: Our sequencing services are for Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Diagnosis.

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